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26th November 2010:

How can I prevent my mascara from smudging, giving me "raccoon eyes"?
Other than using a waterproof mascara, avoid rubbing your eyes, which can cause the mascara to flake off your lashes onto other areas. Not applying the product to your lower lashes can help. The lower lashes smudge easily causing the under eye area to look shadowy and tired.

Is it necessary to use a lip liner?
No. Using a lip liner is never absolutely necessary, however it provides a few benefits that can make the extra step worth it. Using a liner around the edge of your lips will help prevent your lipstick from bleeding to the lines around your mouth. Extremely long lasting, a lip liner can also be used to shade in your entire mouth before topping with a lipstick or lip gloss for added staying power. If you're afraid your lipstick will fade before the liner, use a nude liner that's the same shade as your lips. It will help prevent bleeding yet won't leave that dreaded ring around the lips.

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