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Yea, they are the latest range & I have had some really good experiences with a few of them as well. The best part is that you can shop from office or your home too!  A lot of them have discounts so keep a tab on them.

PS: I am just providing links to the sites here. I do not receive any monetary compensation for this. I also do not vouch for the reliability of any these. Please do your due diligence before purchasing. 

CoolLifeShop: stocks Jordana & NYC, at good discounts. But I have not read very good reviews for this. If you have had a good experience here, please share with me. I really wanna buy some things from here :-) Not shopping exactly, they have beauty deals that you can encash.


Urban Touch: I have purchased twice from here. It seems to be pretty reliable. When it started off they had really good discounts, but now that the site is popular the discounts have dried up.

Shop at Major Brands: I'm not very impressed with this site. The redeeming factor is that they stock Inglot & have discounts on them from time to time. But the cons include a very long shipping time, as well as an insidious policy that charges Rs. 50/- on COD below purchases of Rs. 1000/-. What makes this worse is that this is not revealed when making the purchase, you are made aware of this only when the package reaches your home.



StyleCraze:  I have purchased Bourjois from them. Their service is awesome & delivery barely takes 2-3 days. This is currently my favorite site to shop from.


B Lab

Lush India

Retail Mart


Strawberrynet: They don't have COD, but sometimes you can find awesome international brands at half-price



  1. Hey thanks for the heads up!!
    This is really useful for beginners like me who hav little clue abt online shopping... :)

    1. Hey have you tried glist service. It is a startup and the site is still undercontruction. But you can send your order to and get min 5% discount on all products and free home delivery.

  2. hey, i am a new buyer from online cosmetics websites.
    i like urban touch too, for their reliability.
    have had 1 horrible experience with medplusbeauty, and have thus discontinued. they sent me a 2 year old NYX mascara, and there was no packaging at all, just a medplus shop guy came and gave the things to me in a paper bag. compared to that urbantouch packaging and shipping is simply awesome.

    planning to buy a maybelline eye liner and bourjois eye shadow from stylecraze right now.

    my only and very big fear is outdated or just about to expire products...i dont like to use makeup that is too old, esp eye makeup...a few months from mfg date is fine, but 1-2 years...thats too much...even if expiry is 3 or 4 years...

    even if i buy things from stores, i dont buy anything that is more than 1 year old...

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  4. thanks for this very useful information on which online shop to buy. this can be a good head start for beginners in online shopping!

    online deals

  5. Hey ..was searching for info on this topic.. thanks T ..really helpful !!!


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