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Why do v/bloggers get so much hate

Okay, not all of them. But some of them get some hate. I admit I have a few vloggers on my sub list that I like to cringewatch because they either sing the funniest songs out of tune or say the dumbest things about products. But that's about it. I know most bloggers / vloggers get the occasional hate comment, but I was surprised to land upon an actual "hate-site" one day while using google to find a few articles on one of the blogs I read regularly. The "haters" were vicious, and I couldn't imagine what the original "vlogger" could have done to be the receiving end of such comments. After that incident, I started to scroll through the comment section below YT videos I would watch. Sometimes was a mine-field of nasty. How did things get so high-school, mean-girl? I think the fault lies on both sides. Where the vloggers/bloggers lost the plot for me: I remember when beauty blogging started in India, it was just us regular girls, sharing ou

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