Some more updates

Sorry, I couldn't think of a more interesting blog post title. I am a bit rusty.

First of all, I am surprised that my blog post yesterday was read by 51 people! One of them was my adorable younger sister, and she's my constant cheerleader! Thank you, Sims!

And thank you to the other 50 people too! and a big shoutout to Abha, Ashima & Budget Belleza who even commented!

Also Shweta, who has been encouraging me to get back to blogging for the last three years.

I wasn't anticipating more than 10 views, to be honest. But then I was also convinced that there would be stray kangaroos roaming the streets of Sydney before I moved here. After all, Australia has more kangaroos than people.

I have always enjoyed writing. Its been my outlet for dealing with stress, and when I moved to Australia a year ago, I did start an anonymous blog to chronicle my experiences here. I thought my posts could be useful for other new migrants. But I found it harder to articulate my feelings through a hidden cloak and eventually I stopped blogging there too. As a new migrant, I have practically no friends or social circle here in Australia, and on most days I feel invisible. Posting in the incognito mode on that blog just compounded my feelings that I could very well be a figment of someone's imagination.

Thank you for being so kind though, and staying tuned for posts - on Beauty but also other things. I wasn't sure yesterday if I wanted to blog again, but I am now. I am going to write about things that catch my fancy, and as a reader you let me know if you find it entertaining & thought-provoking.

Thank you! I love you!


  1. Make that 52 (and counting, I'm sure) because I read it from my mailbox so it probably didn't count. I'm sure you'll hit a century soon xx


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