Biotique Coconut Milk Cream Review

The fight against pimples and acne continues. Those who die fighting valiantly leave behind scar on face as memory. Which I could do without.

Am very skeptical of all fairness creams on market as once saw documentary on Discovery Channel on fairness lotions that caused cancer and all such gory stuff. Supposedly these creams contain mercury based products that are not good. that left women scarred and with black patches on their faces.

Two years ago I had tried Garnier Light Cream for my acne marks. It was very effective and most of my acne marks were lightened considerably, some even disappeared. After which I stopped using it, as mission was accomplished.
Two years hence, after an MBA, involving crazy schedules and even crazier diet I am back on square one with new casualties of the acne war. I went back to trusty Garnier

They have changed the composition. Instead of the earlier Mulberry Extract, it now contains Long Dan Extract (whatever that is). Here's the deal, even after three weeks of using it, there were no results. (the company claims to lighten spots from week 1 itself) In fact I began to breakout even more, skin became patchy, blotched and dull - lookingl. Disappointed and discouraged, I stopped using it.

A friend told me about Biotique's Coconut Milk Cream which his mom used regularly and loved. So dropped by NBC from work as they offer 15% discount on Biotique. (Original price is 180 bucks)
And Ladies, this thing rocks!

It contains extracts of

It is creamy white and thick in texture, to be applied in the night after cleansing (but before moisturising), but I feel that this also doubles up as an excellent moisturiser, so you may skip a lotion on top.

Only issue being that it needs to be rubbed in a lot and even then it is not absorbed thoroughly. In the morning a white layer is still visible on face. I don't know if I am applying too much or if it is designed to work from outside the skin surface and not within.

Also it tingles initially.

But this product is true to it's promise, it considerably reduces blemishes, makes skin soft and radiant, over time that is. Do not use this if you are looking for instant results. You will be using this for over a month before any visible change is seen.
Kokusnuss, in Hälften gebrochen; Coconut, brok...Image via Wikipedia

It is not oily at all but the texture is quite thick. And if you have dry skin, it also doubles up as a heavy duty moisturiser for the night. Though you can apply moisturiser on top,I skip it. It is mild enough to use around the eyes, unlike Garnier and other products that are bad for the sensitive skin there. It is also anti-bacterial and is not comodogenic.

Overall: This product is a true winner and I think a must for anyone looking for radiant skin. Better than smearing chemicals on your face for a pasty white look, it is better to just get rid of your blemishes and moisturise for soft skin.
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  1. genetically, am blessed with normal skin, but tend to break out rarely! but, the name of coconut makes me wanna try this :) i love coconut to pieces, not dry, but fresh coconut :) like cynthia

  2. @ Divs! Sorry for the late, late reply! Missed this comment somehow!

    This doesn't smell anything like coconuts. in fact I think this has no smell at all.


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