Post Holi Pore Woes & Summer Make-Up

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Holi has whizzed past us, leaving us drenched in its wake. It has also left me with gulaal blocked pores. Pimples are sprouting left, right and centre. I realise that there is no solution other than a good clean-up. But just cannot find the time for it.

And i realised that my red sparkling sangria lip gloss from Revlon that rocked my lips all winter is not so cool this summer. Summer, somehow, makes everything bold and and bright seem tacky. Winter seems to demand bright colors.
So after a few days of experimentation I have toned down my look. Now is it just a hint of purple-grey eyeliner and some cream NYX red cheeks on lips. No gloss for me, though it seems to be in fashion. No lipstick. No highly defined liquid eyeliner in black.

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Eye Makeup Trends For Summer 2009

This season, eye makeup is bold and bright. Colors like coral, violets and green is in. Use a playful eyeliner pencil.

The latest trend in eyebrow shaping is to let them grow to a natural shape that is only subtly refined. Brows are filled in slightly, but kept to a minimum so as not to overpower a colorful shot of eye makeup.

Lip Color Trends For Summer 2009

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Lips for summer 2009 should look hydrated and subtle with shine. Lip gloss is back, applied lightly.

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