For Biotique Fans - Daily ritual for skin & hair

For those of you who are Biotique fans (like me) here is a an excerpt from the founder Vinita Jain's interview in India Today. She has given a easy to follow schedule using biotique products. I have used some of the products she has mentioned in the article. I will be posting my reviews about them shortly.

For great skin Set apart three minutes in the morning and evening for your skin.

Ageing begins as early as 20. You need to start caring about your skin, before time runs out:

Daily Rituals: a) Cleanse with honey gel in the morning. It contains pure honey blended with extracts from the bark of the Arjun tree, euphorbia plant and wild turmeric.

And double it up in the evening with a Berberry lotion. It has berberry, sandalwood, fenugreek, lodhra ba
rk and almond oil.

b) Vitalise with the dandelion face vitaliser for both morning and evening. It is rich in Vitamin E and minerals. The nutmeg oil content in it helps ease wrinkles.

c) Nourish with morning nectar in the morning. It’s a light emulsion enriche
d with honey, wheatgerm and seaweed. It replaces the oil and moisture lost by the skin everyday.

And use saffron youth dew in the evening. It’s rich in saffron, almond, pistachio oils and has extracts of turmeric.

d) Use carrot cream for protection against the sun. It has carrot oil, carrot seed, quince seed, aloevera gel and lodhra bark.

For damaged hair

Daily Rituals:

a) Cleanse with henna leaf. It thickens the hair and adds gloss.

Or soya protein, which is a combination of soya bean protein, berberry and wild turmeric extracts that helps undo damage caused by perming and dying.

b) Massage with bhringraj oil. It’s an ancient formula with bhringraj, butea frondosa, amla and centella blended in coconut oil and goat milk. It seeps into hair shafts and nourishes the scalp.

c) Vitalise the hair with mountain ebony. It has extracts of long pepper, glycyrrhiza and euphorbia that strengthen the roots and doesn’t make the hair greasy.

d) Conditioning with water cress. It has the extracts of pineapple, tomato, carrot, aloevera, cucumber and lemon that add shine and strength.

Do you have a dialy ritual that consists of products only from a specific line? or have you used any of the products above? Do share your thoughts with me..

Untill then stay pretty..
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