Over-moisturising: Yes, It can happen

106 // MoisturiserImage by hdc. via Flickr
Yes, there is a thing like using too much moisturiser. So you bought the new bottle of this latest jojoba - honey enriched moisturiser that ohh-smells-so-lovely and you can't get enough of it. You did your home-work, online reviews et al, and all you read was oh how lovely the lotion is & how it makes your skin smooth like a pearl.

But you use it and a week down the line you're covered in acne, clogged pores and dermatitis (itchy, inflamed skin).
So what went wrong?

It may be that you were genuinely allergic to some component in the cream, but your reaction could also be a result of over moisturising, that is, when you can't get enough & keep slathering in it.

& this cream just sits on your face, attracting & trapping dirt, clogging pores and irritating skin Cel

Jack Black facial moisturizerImage by scottfeldstein via Flickr

So how much is too much?
All you need is a pea-size amount to cover your entire (yes, entire) face & neck. That is it. Twice a day. ok, maybe thrice if you really wanna, but that's it.

Anything more is waste and inviting trouble.


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