Biotique Chlorphyll Gel - Review

A reader Simran recently commented upon reding my post on how to take of dry, dehydrated skin that oily skin was more difficult to take care of.

While it may seem like the last thing an oily skin needs is a moisturiser, the truth is it does. The use of heavy-duty acne & oily skin treatments tend to sap out water from the skin. So you are left with skin that is dehydrated under a layer of oil. Not a very good prospect as once the skin reaches this stage it is terribly difficult to reverse it, plus the acne becomes even harder to control as the products then being to irritate & inflame the skin,
leading to more acne.

What Oily skin then needs is a product that puts back in the water lost, without an oil to further add to the problem.

So I thought I would put up a review for what I think is the only oil-free moisturiser available in India - The Chlorophyll Gel from Biotique.

Its ingredients are

1. 15% Chianai Grass:
Chlrophyll gel moisturises & tightens the pores. It is also an anti-oxidant &

Spotted forms of A. vera are sometimes known a...Image via Wikipedia

2% Aloe Vera ( moisture rich gel that is anti-microbial and helps in hydrating cells internally. Absorbed instantly it is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent)

10% Samundra Kai Luvab
(The benefits of seaweed to the skin include re-balancing, nourishing, hydrating, cell regenerating, detoxifying, purifying, oxygenating, and re-mineralizing. These benefits are achieved due to the concentration of the following elements: Mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins A,C,B1,B12,E,PP,K, D and trace elements. Promotes tissue regeneration-Activates cell metabolism)2% kikar gond (Acacia arabica or Babul Tree) Babul gum allays any irritation of the skin

2% kuda beej
(Holarrhena Antidysenterica): Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory

Q.S. Distilled water


1. It is absolutely oil-free. It is clear green colored gel that moisturises the skin with a pure blast of water only. Absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds.
2. It is very cooling - excellent for applying over a burn (personal experience)
3. Very soothing for use after waxing - it prevents those tiny little bumps & soothes the hair follices immediately so there is less irritation & redness
4. Excellent for use under a sunscreen during the day
5. It is somehow able to absorb excess oil & prevent further oiliness during the day.
6. Very refreshing. It feels very cool when applied to the skin & I often use it on little itchy bumps or mosquitoe bites.
7. An excellent fresher on a hot summer day
8. If used soon after bleaching the face, it will prevent redness & irritation to a great extent.
9. Skin remains radiant but with a matt effect

1. Not for people with dry skin. It has no oil at all & further it absorbs all oil.
2. Stings for a little while when applied on open cuts & wounds
3. Has to be used up in about 12 months or else it seems become less efficacious after that. (it no longer felt cool to the touch after being open for 12 months)
4. Cannot be used on the eye area as is a little drying for that sensitive skin.

My Opinion: I love this handy little gel. I always have it around the house to take care of nicks & burns. Plus this is my staple moisturiser-on-the-go during summers & rainy seasons. (which can be very muggy & humid in Mumbai) It always soothes my sensitive skin after waxing.

Rs. 180/- for 65 gms (discount at Alfa & NBC, Khar).

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