Cleansers: Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser - Review

A reader Zwala, had requested for a review of Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser. As I sat down to write this I went over the various cleansers I have used over the last two years & thought it would be nice to do a comparative review.

I start off with Lakme. All cleansers will be reviewed on similar parameters on the following parameters

1. Cleansing power: is it able to take off the most water-proof resistant mascara without giving me raccoon eyes

2. Effect on skin: Is it drying to the skin, softness and smoothness of skin after use.

3. Ease of use: is it a simple apply and wipe off. Or longer.

Let's start with Lakme. I use a lot of make-up from their 9 to 5 range, which is a little difficult to take-off with just soap & water. So I bought their "deep-pore" cleanser. It is formulated with Vitamin E extracts that nourish while cleansing. The picture above is a little old. I could not find a newer photo, the bottle color has been changed to a peachy-pink. I don't know if there has been a change in the formaulation as well.

1. Cleansing: Ok, first things first. It certainly took off Make-up very efficiently. All the water-proof 9 to 5 line make-up came off beautifully. Mascara is a not a clean sweep here. It does take most of it off, however not entirely.

However this thing stings the eyes (Ouch!!!). If you use make-up on your lower water-line, underneath the eyes, this is not a very friendly lotion. It invariably gets into the eyes and stings. So then I tend to avoid using it there, which leaves make-up behind.

I have no idea if it really cleans my pores though, the cotton did seem to have dirt on it. Whether that emininated from my pores or just the surface is not known. I give it 7/10 here.

2. Effect on skin: Is so-so. Not greatly softening, but not bad either, will not dry out the skin entirely. 6/10 here.

3. Ease of use: The bottle has no instructions at all on the usage. I used a cotton dabed with a 50 paise size amount & rubed it all over my face for a week, (that is what the counter sales-girl told me to do) until I stumbled upon this set of instructions on their site:

Wet your face with cool or lukewarm water. Apply the cleanser and massage with gentle circular strokes. Wash off well with plenty of water. Dab your face dry and use moisturizer.

Why they choose to skip this vital piece of information is a mystery to me. It just leads to wrong usage & disappointment with the product when it doesn't work properly. Score: 0/10

4. Price: Rs. 55 for 60 ml.

5. Will I buy it again: Mmmm... No, not if there is a better choice.

Total Score: 13/30
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  1. hey..thanx for the review..
    ive heard from SA that they had changed the formulae of those 'fundamentals' range..
    n this cleanser may not be that great i suppose..

  2. Yr Welcome Zwala :)..
    Who is SA?
    It is possible that the formula's may have been changed, as the information & the packing as provided on the official site of Lakme does not match the product that is available in the store..

  3. I never tried Lakmé deep pore cleanser but one of my friend used this and she was quite disappointed because it made her skin more darker.
    I use baby oil for cleansing. I massage my face with this oil and then i wash my face and finally i use a toner! I'm very satisfied by this regimen.

  4. It is possible sometimes to get an adverse reaction. Lakme complicates issues by not printing the entire ingredient list which results in a lot of unwanted allergies & bad press.. which is totally avoidable..

    baby oil is a favoured option of a lot of women..


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