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As a, well in respectable terms, a make-up junkie, I have managed to accumulate a lot of products that look nice & snazzy in the bottle, but fail to live up to their claims on the skin.

Sometimes you outgrow the need for them.

Some of these can be re-used in other ways.


1. Use as body lotion (I try not to buy body lotions, because I know that in my beauty travels, I will end up with moisturisers that are either comodogenic or well, just not good enough. But my arms & feet are always willing consumers for these things)

2. Use as make-up remover: Most moisturisers double up beautifully as cleansers

3. Use as cuticle conditioner: Rub it into your finger nails every night

4. Exfoliator: add a spoonful of sugar to equal quantity of moisturiser and use immediately as a gentle body scrub.

5. Thick creams like Nivea are very good substitutes for oil during body massages.

Exfoliating Scrub

1. Body scrub: too harsh for your face? use it on knees, feet & elbows.

2. Use it during manicures & pedicures to rub off dead skin

Caution: If you have any lotions that have either been open for more than 2 years, or you have not used it for more than a year, Please Discard with packaging.

Do not pour unused lotions down the drain. They may harm the ecosystem of the waterbody they enter.

 Do not use sun-screens that have expired. The chemicals can be harmful


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  2. "Do not pour unused lotions down the drain. They may harm the ecosystem of the waterbody they enter."
    Never gave it a thought...thanks for reminding!!!

  3. @Anon: Yr most welcome. Most of the lotions we use have a lot of preservatives like parabens. They negetively affect the ecology of water as they are not normally found in such high quanities in nature.

    I realised this during my microbiology days when studying water microbiology. :)

    Thks for reading :-D


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