Himalaya Gentle Facewash Gel - Review

Although this is a face wash for oily skin, it is gentle enough for use by those of us with dry or sensitive skin as well. I first tried this during my stay at a completely organic hotel. All the toiletries were from Himalaya Herbals. I loved this the best of the lot & even bought a bigger pack when I came back. The face wash is packaged in a clear tube, the gel itself is also clear & has tiny, mysterious blue beads in it.

The company literature reads:

Gentle Soap-free daily use face wash to cleanse and refresh your skin.
A gentle face wash that nourishes and cleanses your skin while removing excess oil. Unlike soaps, Gentle Face Wash Gel does not leave the skin dry and feeling stretched. Enriched with
Citron that has cooling effect, and Honey that deep cleanses the skin, it leaves your skin refreshed, softer and firmer.

Directions for Use:Moisten the face, massage gel all over the face gently. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily. Follow up with Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion.

Gentle Face Wash Gel can be used for oily skin.

Pack size:
Gentle Face Wash Gel is available in pack size of 60, 100 & 150 ml.

The pack only lists active ingredients (also no percentage composition) which include 

1. Citron: It is a small shrub or tree with thorny branches and lemon yellow colored oblong fruits. The fruit juice is refrigerant and astringent. The fruits have potent anti-scorbutic activity.

2. Honey: Excellent moisturizer & anti-microbial cleanser 

1. The gel has tiny blue beads suspended, these I believe are the USP of this wonderful face wash. They gently exfoliate. The emphasis being on the word gentle. Since they are perfectly rounded sphericals, they help in dislodging dead cells with no scratches or inflammation.
2. Very gentle formula: this does not leave skin feeling dry
3. Cleanses well: but it also removes all traces of oil 
4. Cooling: the gel is cooling to apply. 
5. Price: Really cheap @ 40Rs for 60 gms

1. There could be more of the cute little blue sphericals.  (Am I being greedy??)
2. List of complete ingredients is not given
3. % of active ingredients in gel is not given.
4. I don't have really oily skin (more like combination, but veering towards normal) skin so I am not sure how this fairs when faced with really oily skins.

Re-Purchase: Yes! one of those truly gentle but deep cleansing face washes.

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  1. strange..my skin feels really dry and stretched although i have oily skin..i dont know why..


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