Make Up Trends for Winter 2009

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Just setting you up a little early here so that you can stock up & look your best.

1. Matt Lipsticks: Yea, they are back gobally. Although I don't think they ever went away in India completely. The younger crowd is very into gloss, and thanks to the forays made by Maybelline, we have diamond-shine lip colors as well, but the gloss totting generation could look at re-visiting these beauties.

Tip: Lakme Enrich Lip Color is available in a number of matt shades (Rs. 175/-)

2. Berry Red Intense Lips: The color berry red is excepected to be very hot this winter, thanks to the world wide hype surrounding Twilight. The female leads of the movie are sporting this shade throught the movie & have become quite popular with teens. (I am yet to read the book though - *sigh*). So stock up on pretty shades of red, berries & fuchsia.

Tip: Lakme Lip Color Pencil in Berry (Rs. 299/-)

3. Just one product look: Very popular on the ramps right now, I don't know if this is because of recession or just plain lack of time in people's lifestyles today. What this means is that you use just one product. Either a berry matt lipcolor, or an intense eyeliner, or a barely there blush. That's it. The beauty routine that just takes a coupla seconds. Of course, most models have very clear skin that further accentuates the single product.
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4.Purple Eye Make up: One of the most important colors for winter 2009 will be rich gradations of purple. To go along with this new emphasis on purple, look for smoky, mysterious shades of this regal shade to play up the eyes and add intense drama. Purples will be accented with touches of burnished gold and copper which can be worn alone for a fashionable winter look, with naked lips.

Tip: Lakme Eye Color in Glimmering Plum (Rs. 250/-)

5. The Eyeliner is back: Eyeliner will be dark and more dramatic to balance the heavy emphasis on the eyelids. Look for the return of black eyeliner along with dark shades of brown, purple, and smoky grey. These combinations make eye color pop and enhance the look of almost any eyes creating a strong statement for winter 2009.

6. Eyebrows turn natural: To frame dramatic eyes, eyebrows will be heavier so put away your tweezers and opt for a more natural eyebrow look. Plucked thin eyebrows are out!
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  1. I totally agree wid d matt lipsticks n berry red lip colours...I hav started usin dem now only!!
    Hav yet 2 master d purple smoky eyes!

    It'll be gr8 if d one product look actually becomes a fad...Den I'll always be "in"...hahaah!!

  2. @ Simran: One product fad is a very nice trend acc. to me too.. saves so much time..


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