Makeup & Skin care Mistakes that will make you look old

Skillfully applied make-up can make you look younger.

However for some reason I have seen a lot of Indian women use makeup to achieve essentially the exact opposite: look at least 10 years older.

And they develop an aversion to make up, they say they don't like it as it makes them look old. Hello!! You are using it all wrong.

Here are my all time top 10 make up & beauty sins I have seen Indian women commit, (or maybe they do wanna look older..)

A selection of CosmeticsImage by incurable_hippie via Flickr

1. Wearing too much foundation. In a shade that is too light. Making sure it is powder finish. The end result: the powder settles into every line on the face, emphasizing them. The skin looks fake, papery & powdery. Like you just saw a ghost.

Tip: Wear a souffle, it is light & airy. More importantly, choose the correct shade.

2. Plucking the eyebrows till there is nothing left, except for 2 lines of hair. It makes you look tired. And then use black eyebrow pencil to fill them in. So that they look like two fat caterpillars.

Use a brown eyebrow pencil, it is much softer, much more natural.

3. Super Heavy eye-make. But all on the lower eye-lashes. Especially black kajal. Nothing makes your eyes look tired more than this. On the plus side it also emphasizes your dark circles even more (if that's what you are going for).

Or go to extremes. Use nothing. No Mascara. No eyeliner. Nothing. Become a make-up asetic. Completely undefined eyes look lifeless & older.

Tip: If you wear Kajal, please do the upper line as well. Better still experiment with color, and use at least an eye-liner if in a hurry.

A typical tube of lipstick.Image via Wikipedia

4. Wearing Lip-liner atleast 2 shades darker than the lipstick color. & lining all the way outside your lips. Making sure that line extends from your nose to half-way down your chin.

Tip: Buy a lip-liner in a neutral beige or pink rose color, which ever matches your lips. This can be paired with most lipsticks.

5. Piling on dark, matt lipstick. Makes the face look hard. & coupled with the super-heavy eye make-up, it screams "Whoo-hoo! 80's, here we come!"
Tip: Try using lighter rosier shades or honey browns.

6. Skipping the blush. Makes you look lifeless. Especially when coupled with Sin no. 1

Tip: If you don't have a blush, just dap some rose or red colored lipstick and blend it in well.

7. Wearing glitter on the eyes. Ladies, only 20 somethings can carry off glitter. You need to dress a little sophisticatedly.

8. Forgetting Moisturiser: So that skin looks drier, lines more defined.

9. Skipping Sunscreen: The number one reason for tanning, & eventually phot-aging.

10. This is the biggest, & the baddest: Not using any make up or any skin care. Ever.
Ladies, while it seems all innocent & pure & perfect to be all natural, there is a reason why all our Bollywood ladies use make-up & spend loads on skin-care. These are people who on an average are better looking than most of us, there must be a reason why they still then prefer to do all of this.


  1. hahaa...LMAO...really...
    i really hate..when someone wears a lipliner, darker than the lipstick inside..i sometimes wonder.."Did they forgot..?? or is that some kinda weird fashion..??"
    and also make-up pet peeve..darker shades of lipstick..especially on indian women..they say "luk at me..luk ive got all the pollution/impurities affecting..ooh..i want to luk ugly..n im satisfied now " I mean..frankly..i havent seen several wearing a lipstick in nude/pink/coral shades..why do they all go for "DARK BROWNS/DARK MAROONS.." added the shade being much closer to BLAck...hahaaa

  2. I totally agree Zwala!! The shades are so dark they are almost gothic.. & they make them look very old & very severe as well.. Thks for yr comments :D


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