Vitamin K - Update

Those of you read my Post on Vitamin K & dark circles will remember the very disappointing news at the end that Vitamin K eye products are still not avaialble in India. Guess what! Now they are. I was just staring around at the the chemist (while my hubby was picking up some meds) the other day when I spotted this cream for under eye dark circles by Vichy. (Vichy Laboratories is a part of the Loreal Group & is the No. 1 skincare brand in European pharmacies.)

It is called Bi-White Advanced Anti-Dark Circles whitening corrective eyecare (that is quite a mouthful) and the pack said it was formulated with Vitamin K & that it had proven results on Asian Skin.

I was really excited to see it, however I was soon deflated when I saw the price Rs. 1750/- for 15 ml, and meekly returned it back to counter and kept looking at it with longing eyes.

For those of who you have a need strong enough, now there is a solution.

Have any of you readers tried this product? Share your reviews..
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  1. I'm soo sad! This item isn't available in my country!

  2. I'm soo sad! This item isn't available in my country!

  3. ohh..Happens.. Like I can't stop raving about Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner.. but it is not avialable in India. :(

    do you get L'oreal White Perfect? That has vitamin C.. Might help.

  4. All those whitenning/lightenning products aren't available in my country! They are all bannished because they contain some dangerous ingredients like hydroquinone (more than 2%)!
    I'm tryins no marks cream for normal skin! It's an ayurvedique fairness cream so less sid effects.

  5. L'oreal does not have hydroquinone.. Neither does Vichy I think.. Both have vitamin c.. Is even online purchase of these products banned in yr country?

  6. No dear they contain hydroquinone! I could order them but first i will give a try to no marks cream!!!!

  7. No eye cream can cure hereditary dark circles till date, but of course, they can moisturize the area and prevent more from developing. I think Kinerase has Vit. K in it too, but it probably is no miracle either. I spent about $65 on a tiny jar of eye cream (NIA24) a couple of months ago, but I don't think it ever helped me. I have also tried Garnier Light under eye cream (i don't think it does anything to lighten up the under eye area), blossom kocchar aroma magic eye cream (only to find the two tubes expired after a year of buying them cuz i never bothered to use them as the first tube never gave enough results), and their glossy pack as well. I have also tried placing green tea bags, but there's only little you could do when it comes to dark circles. Also, for anyone reading this, beware of the Loreal Bare Naturale Concealers or Foundations; they just don't conceal enough (i tried it in two shades for about $16 each). I remember using this concealer stick as well, but it was too pore-clogging; can't remember the brand. Bottomline is: there is no cure for dark circles just like there is no cure for the common cold.

  8. I have dark circles and dry under eye area dark circles \hav lightened .and my under eye area is not dry any more ....i use [aroma magic] under eye cream and beautiful skin oil ..every night before going to bed ..........N HAV LOTS N LOTS OF WATER ...


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