Maybelline WhiteStay UV Compact - A Review

Sorry, for the long lull in posting. Have been a little caught up in office work. Besides took a mini-break on the weekend, where I got to sample Forest Essentials Products (soap, moisturiser, body wash, shampoo & conditioner). Will be posting on them soon.

Coming back to the topic, this was long overdue. Maybelline has launched its new WhiteStay UV Compact with SPF 18 a while back. 

My Review: 


1. One of the few compacts with SPF 18 UV filters, this combines the dual step of sunscreen & foundation. The powder is an alternative to sunscreen. Especially during monsoons & summers when creamy sunscreens make your skin greasy, using a matt compact with SPF protection would is a better option.

2. The compact comes in five shades –White Ivory, Light Ivory, Natural, Nude and fawn – to suit the variety of Indian skin tones. I picked the Light Ivory Shade.

3. Does brighten up your face instantly: This product delivers. It brightens your skin, leaves behind an almost flawless finish and conceals pores quite well too. It does not look cakey making it suitable for day -wear. But know that a little of this goes a long way. Don't apply too much as it can start looking fake very easily.

4. Very good for oily skin: The composition keeps oil away from your face leaving it fresh for the day. The powder has a silky smooth texture which easily blends with the skin giving it a nice glow. It also does not block pores. 

5. Economical: at 150 Rs, I think this is a good buy. It is sold with a puff & a mirror inside the pan.


1. Do not use if you have dry skin: This thing is foundation from hell, if you have got dry skin, as it dries out the skin even more & makes the dryness very obvious to one & all.

2. Blending: This thing is difficult to blend if you have applied a moisturiser underneath.

3. The white ivory shade is well, white like talcum powder. I am not sure who it would suit. Besides you need to be very careful when using this product, just a dab too much & your skin starts to look artifically lightened. It needs a lot of buffing with either a foundation brush, a sponge or even the puff you get with this to achieve a natural look.

4. The product claims to have an anti-tanning effect & Vitamin C: I am not too sure about this as Vitamin C is highly unstable molecule. I am not sure how much of it is still active by the time it reaches our skin in this product.
5. Offers meduim coverage. If you have dark acne spots, use a concealor underneath.

6. While it claims to have SPF 18, it does not specify how much powder I need to apply to achieve that protection. While blending it may happen that the compact may be thinner on some parts, thereby resulting in uneven protection.

7. The puff given picks up too much powder, you have to use either a fluffy big foundation brush or use the puff very carefully to lightly pat the powder onto the skin & then blend, blend.

Overall: I don't use foundation everyday, as I somehow feel that the powder settles into my fine lines & pores, making them deeper. But I do carry this in bag for those days when I may have to run for a party or a social engagement right from office. It is small, convinent to carry & can be applied very easily in a jiffy. It delivers an instant glow to the skin while makes me look fresh, even when I am dying to hit the sack at the end of the day.

This is definately not suited to mature/dry skin as the powder I feel will tend to settle into fine lines & wrinkles, besides it empahsises dryiness.

Re-purchase: At a price of 150 Rs, I will re-purchase this, as it is economical, easy to use & provides good results.

Trivia: Maybelline has also come up with a cool application called Maybelline Glow – that allows you to brighten all your pictures instantly, just as the compactacts as an instant pick-me-up for your face. So no more dark and dull pictures on you on Facebook.
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  1. Hey nice post thank you so much... just adding to your trivia... Maybelline is running a contest where you win exciting products from Maybelline. Infact i just won this Compact...

  2. it sounds nice....and it really cheap considerin its by maybelline!!!!

  3. @ Pradnya: Thks for the extra bit of trivia!
    @ Shreya: Thks! Hope it helps!
    @ Simran: It is very good.. & the quantity is good too! U shd get some, it will suit yr oily skin..

  4. hi
    i am very new to this blog.
    all compacts have some amount of sunscreen spf component as the spf component lightens yopur skin.

    you are true that this compact is better than the other things available in the indian market but the dream mousse compact is better than this but this one is not available in the indian market.

    but what you need to rememeber is that whitestay UV is a compact and not a substitute to sunscreen.

    Even if you have dry skin or combination skin/whatsoever this product should not be used without applying a foundation.

    best match is maybelline dream mousse.
    first apply mabelline dream mousse blend it and apply concealer if neccessary and blend and then whitestay UV.

    this product should not be used every day and should be used very occassionaly.

    compact to use everyday - Ponds flawless white 2 way finish compact

  5. @ Anon: Welcome to addicted to blush & thank you for your comments. :D

    I do not like Maybelline Dream Mousse at all. It is very much available here in India in Mumbai. I have bought it & used it as well. It suits only people with oily skin, on my skin it completely dries it out and causes flakiness.

    But your suggestions are good, and might suit someone other readers of this blog.. :)

    Also, I did not understand the reason behind your recommendation that Whitestay compact should not be used everyday, & instead we should use Ponds.. Can you please share with us why you feel this way? personal experience? is ponds better in some way? :D

  6. tanny .. anonymous is talkin about dream matte powder which is not yet available in India

  7. Oh.. Ok.. I missed that! Thks for pointing it out Palak!

    However I wld still like Anon to share with us his/her experience with Ponds.. I thght Maybelline was quite good, but if Ponds is better I wld like to give it a shot as well :D

  8. I bought this for my SIL this july in shade Nude and she liked it very much. That silly health and glow didnt have testers, so I could not buy one for me. For the price, i cant complain much. wat say, tanvi?

  9. @Divs: I agree! It is alwasy sad when stores don't have testers. I hope you can pick up one on your upcoming trip to India :)


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