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Dear Readers,

I am heading off for a well deserved Diwali vacation for about 10 days. So there will be no new posts during this period.

But I shall be back after 10 days with a whole lot of posts on beauty, make-up & skin care.. So stay posted & keep your comments coming in as always!!

But before I leave here is a quick Diwali look that will go with all your clothes

1. Apply foundation on face (I use Ponds Tinted Moisturiser)

2. Use a brown eye shadow pallette to create a neutral look for the eyes. (Maybelline's Chai Latte: this has lovely light brown for the lid, a sparkly bronze for the crease, a nude with silver specs for highlighting & dark chocolate brown for creating a smokey look - this eye shadow look goes with all bright colored clothes)

3. Use a blush (I use Maybelline Peach Satin)

4. Mascara (Maybelline Define a Lash works for me)

5. Finish off with a swipe of Nivea Cherry lip balm or any berry tinted lipstick/gloss

Wish you all a very happy Diwali & a prosperous New Year!!

Stay Safe when playing with crackers! & look fab in your brightest colors & best make-up!!
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  1. Hi Tanveer, thanks for being a follower of my blog :)
    A very happy Diwali to you too..I bet u look lovely. Have a *BLAST*


  2. hey
    thats cool !@
    hope you enjoy yer holiday to da fullest !!

  3. amazing site hun
    im so happy i found it...

    take care =D

  4. @ CZ: Belated Happy Diwali to you too! Your blog is very good, & the pleasure is all mines to follow it :)

    @ Palak: Thks for the wishes!! I did enjoy my hols a lot :D

    @Skye: Thks for stopping by.. Appreciation by readers is what keeps me going.. Glad to be of help :D

  5. Hi tanveer di...very happy diwali to you to...:)
    i've been reading your blog for a month now...n i like it so much...its so much helpful..and m always looking fwd to ur posts...:)


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