Brands I would love to see in India

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There are some brands that I have heard so so much about I would love for them to retail in India so see what the fuss is all about

1. NARS - The orgasm blush is so raved about online that I am a fan without having tried it
2. Urban Decay - Their eyeliners are just fantastical. Especially their 24 hour eyeliners. Amazing colors.
3. Philosophy line of skin care: such cute names for their products. Who could resist them
4. Colored Mascara: I know this is not a company, but I have never seen colored mascara in India & would love to try some.
5. Bobbi Brown - They have very some pretty lip glosses which I feel would look good on Indian skin
6. Benefit: They seem to be the masters when it comes to tints. My favourite type of make-up
7. Cover Girl: This is one of the drug store brands abroad, quite cheap & has some nice mascaras
8. Wet & Wild: another affordable cosmetic line with great products

what's your wish list?
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  1. well i wd love to see
    rimmel - it has cheaper 24*7 UD's alternatives, eyeko - thier 3 in one cream is secret of flawless .. glowing skin of "chiggy wiggy" kylie minouge !!
    NYX- got amazin powder blushes and comparable to MAC in terms of eyeshadows !!
    milani - its blush "luminous" is dupe of NARS orgasm !!
    NYC - again has amazing blushers and highlighters !

    and ELF - it has got wonderful cosmetics at very affordable $1 and $3 .. em lemming for thier brushes !!!

    I hope u'll check em out and if u wanna order you can get em at .. they ship internationally and for ELF brushes - make up masala .. free shipping internationally if you order $40 or more .. isn't dat amazing ??
    I hope I could order too .. buh em still a POOR student with no knowledge of customs watsoever .. blah !![:D]

    btw have you tried lakme bridal sutra blushes ?? they are pure love .. texture is so divine .. but they are pretty steep at Rs 375/- plus they have certain shimmer so they'll only work at night !!

    I hope u'll reply !! em a huge fan of yer blog .. since there are no indian blogs to address indian make up brands plus desi skin prob .. thums up .. continue yer great work !![:)]

  2. Hi Palak,

    Thks for completeing the wish list!!

    I completely forgot about Rimmel, Milani, NYC & ELF.. all gr8 brands

    NYX is available at Khar Beauty Centre, so if yr based in Mumbai, lay your hands on their products there. But they are priced a lil steep. A cream blush costs Rs. 500/-

    I too will not be ordering online. Unfortunately my budget too does not extend so much despite being a working girl as family will not approve if i blow up all my monies on make-up :D

    I have not tried the lakme bridalsutra blushes as of yet.. I prefer the much cheaper Maybelline dream mousse blush. But I have tried their other pdts in the bridalsutra range & just love them!!

    Thks for the support Palak.. I too began writing this blog coz I cld not find any blogs that reviewed Indian products & skin care.. Do write in if there is any specific topic you would like me to write about!!

    Tc & happy Reading till then..

  3. Too bad .. em located in Delhi .. wot I hate the most is that we have to pay more than wot our american counterparts are paying for the same produts ..
    thay have BOGO on loreal .. maybelline .. and all the drugstore brands .. plus NYX blush is $6 there (max) .. wen they get sale .. the have to pay much less .. Talk about EQUALITY !!
    even MAC is cheaper in states .. we always have to pay more ..thats Injustice !![:x]
    btw dont you find maybelline too shimmery to use everyday ? I prefer matte blushes for that .. colorbar blushes has nice variety plus a decent price tag .. 250 bucks !

  4. Yes Palak. Not only do we have to pay more, these companies do not retail the entire range so there is a limited color selection too.

    *Sigh* I don't see any way out other than hunting for similar products in our Indian Brands..

    Yea, Maybelline is shimmery.. In fact I feel they add a lot of shimmer to almost all their products. So I use their blush only at night.

    But I don't like powder blushes either,as I don't get time during office to re-touch my make up. Powder blushes tend to travel all over my face, I prefer a cream blush that will sink into my skin and not get rubbed off.. so I end up compromising by using a watermelon colored lipstick as a cream blush instead during the day.

  5. Me wantee:
    Too Faced, Nars, Etude House, Skin Food, Urban Decay, Cover Girl, DuWop, Anastasia,Oriental Princess(a Thai brand = Nice but Cheap), Benefit. I think these r the ones I want the most. But I want all every make-up brand should come to India :)
    Btw, if u still want a colored mascara, there's a blue one from Max Factor(if it's in Mumbai)

  6. @CZ: Ooooh.. nice choice!

    Thks for the tip on MF - will chk them out :D


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