Forest Essentials Hand & Body Lotion - A Review

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I had the opportunity to try out some Forest Essential (click on the name to go to their offiicial site) product samples last week. Below is a review of their Honey & Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion.


Caramelized sugar crystals moisturize the skin while purely natural almond nut butter and honey extracts retexturise and tone the skin.

1. Burnt Sugar (caramel)
2. Almond Nut Butter
3. Apricot Oil
4. Glycerine
5. Emulsifying Wax
6. Bees Wax
7. Honey
8. Vanilla Essential oil
9. Coconut oil Derivatives

1. Highly moisturising, but completely non-sticky. This is the best moisturiser I have used for my face in a long, long time(I know, it was a hand & body lotion but I used it on my face instead). It leaves behind a very nice satin finish that is completely non-oily.
2. A little bit goes a long way. A small dab of this moisturiser will take you through the day in an air-conditioned enviornment without any feeling of dryiness
3. Improves & clarifies skin considerably: after using it for 2 weeks my skin has become more soft & supple. In fact now I can comfortably skip moisturizing my face on alternate days without any discomfort
4. Smells very good. 
5. The company site claims that all products are handmade by locals in small villages in Uttaranchal, using mineral rich natural water. They use age-old Ayurvedic formulations from ancient Ayurvedic Ashrams in Tehri Garhwal, with scholars who practice an austere code and devotion to their incredible font of knowledge. They supply the company with many of our herb ingredients, oil formulas, and Vedic treatments. This is then interspersed with the understanding of a modern biochemist’s point of view to create products that have their basis in India’s oldest science but presented in an easy-to-use manner.
6. Did not cause any acne or rash

1. Price: At Rs. 875/- for 40 ml, this is a very, very expensive proposition.
2. Availability: It is available at only stand alone stores (currently at Juhu & Vashi)
3. While it smells quite nice, it was not vanilla-y enough for me. I could do with a stronger whiff of vanilla in this product.
4. The label is silent on the amount/percentages of the ingredients in the final product.

Price: Not known as used a free sample. However generally an 40 ml bottle of face lotions costs Rs. 875/-

Will I buy again: If I win the lottery or obtain a rich sponsor for my skin, then yes.

Frankly I loved this lotion. This is the best moisturiser I have used so far for my skin, and it does beat Biotique by a huge, huge margin. But I am not sure it earns the hefty price tag.

I do know sometimes, some companies to maintain an aura of exclusiveness and target the upper strata of society then to over-price their product. Also known as price segmentation, this builds an aura of exclusiveness & luxury around the brand. I somehow feel that Forest Essentials has opted for this strategy, because frankly how expensive can ayurvedic products be in a country that gave rise to the study of ayurveda.
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