Lakme Glide On Eye Color - Review

I have been meaning to review these since quite some time. I have been using them now on a regular basis for more than 4 months now.

This is basically a pencil eyeliner, that can also be rubbed all over the eyelid as shadow. The company site says that these are "Crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals.For eyes that reflect the stars".

1. Very long lasting: These eyeliners are smudge & water resistant. I apply some in the morning at 7 and 12 hours later they are still there. Even on the water-line. I like such long last non-smudge make up that does not need touch ups in office.
2. Very soft & smooth application: these are very soft and don't rub or pull the skin during application
3. Awesome colors: This range has some really awesome colors that I have become addicted to: Glimmering Plum (deep purple - eggplant like), Baked Bronze & Henna Gold (a mix of henna green & gold) are my favorites! I tend to mix & match colors to achieve new looks.

1. Not self-sharpening or retractable: I would really like to see these in retractable packaging. You need to buy a special sharpner for Rs. 30/-. These are tough pencils that can't be sharpned on regular sharpners (when I bought the liners, the lady at the counter never mentioned this to me. I ended up spoiling some of my liner, before I visited another counter at Westside, where the sales agent showed me the sharpner to my query)
2. It is a little expensive at 250 Rs. for a peice
3. I didn't like some colors like Bridal Pink. It makes you look like you've been crying or got conjunctivitis. Metallic Black too failed to impress me. Not enough glitter.
4. It tends to not adhere very well & fade when applied over eyeshadow that is not smudge resistant(both cream & powder). To make it last long, you need to apply this to bare, clean skin (no cream also), and follow up with the shadow on top taking care not to cover the eyeliner, or else use Lakme 9 to 5 Satin Glide Eyeshadow.
5. All colors have the same black packaging & color names are not mentioned on the pencil. If you have more than one of these, it is task early morning looking for a particular shade

Price: Rs. 250 /- each

Will I buy again: Yes! I will. I just love these eyeliners. I am a big fan of colored, shimmery eyeliners and Lakme delivers very good colors with quality.

You can check out all the colors at I have not bought the green & blue colored ones as they don't work with my skin & eye color, but from what I hear the Smokey Green color is very popular amongst those with brown eyes.
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  1. Oooh! Indian makeup! I want to buy these when I visit India next year!

  2. @ Clearly Beautiful: Glad to know yr excited about Indian Make-up. Have a happy shopping trip & do share with us how the colors & quality compare to the products you get at your place.

  3. wow it cost so much ! .. u know some days back I bought lakme daily wear souffle and lakme bridalsutra daily wear foundation costing Rs 375/- and guess wot SA was so sweet .. she gave a special gogt and that was LGOEC smoky green .. i was so pleased !I love thos pencil .. goes on smooth and stays all day long !!

  4. @ Palak: Tht is gr8!! Smokey Green is really popular.. Tho I have not used it myself..

    How are the foundations? I have not used them either..

  5. tanveer ma'm .. pls tell me yer nickname .. May I call you Tanny ?I dont wanna make our relation to be so formal ![:P]
    I have 3 foundations .. lakme souffle in shell (wich I wont call a foundie .. its better be called indian answer to tinted moisturiser)
    lakme bridalsutra foundation in marble ( I must say .. em very impressed . it brightens my skin without lookin cakey and stays put whole day with careful blotting and powdering.. this one is Loooove !!)
    and revlon colorstay active with spf 25 in medium beige .. this one has very long experience wimme .. I have so much to say about the 3 products .. girl .. if yu want, I can do a review on these 3 products .

  6. @ Palak: Yea u can call me anything tht pleases u except Tanu.. hehehhehehe..

    Sure Palak, do a review on all 3 with your experinces & comments & i'll host them on my blog with your name & credit to you as guest blogger.. Mail them to me at whenever you're done with them. You can write 3 separate reviews or one consolidated one.. Totally your choice!

  7. Hi Tanveer !
    loved you blog ! Very informative !! :)

  8. Hi tanveer,

    Which eyeliner/kohl/kajal would you reccomend for the waterline - that is long lasting and smudgeproof.Something that would last me all day long with minimum touch ups. I have used many eyeliners but they all get collected at the corners of my eyes looks it a problem with my eyes or the eyeliner?

  9. @ChatpataKhana: Thks a lot :)

    @Anon: Frankly I don't think there is a problem with you or your eyeliners. Just that they don't match :)

    Ok, let me explain. See all of us have different skin - some people have very watery eyes, so their liner always smudges, some people have oily lids so they need long lasting liner, & some ppl have a habit or rubbing their eyes & they need smudge proof liners.

    Frankly on my eyes I have seen only Lakme Glide On, Colorbar & Maybelline Drama Gel liners last on the lowerlash - waterline without spreading and giving me raccon eyes.

    Maybe you could give these a shot & see. I hope this helps.


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