Make up & zodiac signs - Capricorn

You've always been told that you're a hard-working go-getter, Capricorn, that the bedroom and, for that matter, the powder room are secondary to the boardroom in your determined climb to the top.

What is often overlooked in studying this Cardinal Earth Sign is the beauty beneath your diligent, conservative exterior.

Capricorns possess an ability to find order in chaos, to find the aspect of a current trend that could become timeless and to enjoy the richness of life in careful but nonetheless enjoyable moderation.

You, Capricorn, are the sensible eater, the one who never forgets the moisturizer and the  sunscreen. Doing right by your health and your body just comes naturally to you. You make it look so easy!

Your common sense approach to the everyday routine of self-maintenance is the key, and that's why you make such a good impression in meetings or job interviews -- you instinctively know how to present yourself.

It's not that you're necessarily conservative; rather, you're astute, adept at weeding out fads and identifying quality. Your elegance also shows in the confident and purposeful way you carry yourself. Pull your hair up into a sleek ponytail or keep it short -- whatever it takes to show off that beautiful neck.

Warm, earthy scents suit you, as do dark, rich colors like plum, burgundy and red. Power is essential to Capricorns, and you glow when you have it. Your beauty comes from your resourcefulness and your ambition toward high-quality living.

This sign achieves everything, its distinguishing trait is - perseverance. All new make-up is extremely interesting for Capricorn, but no more than that, this usually remains at the level of interest. They may spend hours studying the proposed range and will buy nothing. They are very careful in choice of cosmetics, prefer unnoticeable make-up, of beige-brown shades.

They also seem to get better looking as they grow older. Almost like the aging process is reversed for them, so while their contemporaries will keep getting older, the capricorn will look better than the last time you saw her.

Best color: Earthy brown
Logical and surefooted, this is a color of substance and determination. It helps you feel stable and responsible. Wearing it promotes practicality and aids you in manifesting your dreams. 

This shade is very easy to wear
1. Use as a subtle eyeshadow. Combined with shimmer it translates into a night look
2. As lip color it makes you look more mature & sophisticated
3. Eternal as nail paint, it suits all skin tones
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  1. I had posted a comment here too!!!!

    I think its partly u and a little not so u!!

  2. @ Simran: Blogger must be experiencing downtime then.. Yea even I think so.. Though when you also read Leo, the picture is complete, coz my ascendant is Leo. For a more accurate analysis, read yr ascendant too!

  3. hehe, so true, i prefer unnoticeable makeup, God knows why????

  4. It really amazes me the way in which your zodiac reflects your characteristics.
    Zodiac Signs


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