Make up & Zodiac Signs - Gemini

Make - Up for Gemini:

As a Gemini, you may get that tired, old split-personality tag -- but you're not internally conflicted, Gemini, you're just restless and very often brilliant!

This Mutable Air Sign, blessed with all the wit and charm you could need to make it through life on guile alone, does not much interest itself with the day-to-day trappings of a beauty routine. You've got more important things on your mind -- be it world peace, spiritual fulfillment or planning the perfect vacation for your family,  so it is always very difficult for them to make a choice when buying cosmetics.

It's your stimulating mind, your expressive hands and that ever-talkative mouth of yours that garner all of the affectionate attention -- people can't help but look at your lovely hands as you gesticulate and make yet another insightful comment.

Even though you may chew your nails down to the quick in one of your frequent fits of nervous energy, you keep any flaws hidden well with vibrant nail colors and frequent manicures. If they're not watching your hands, others will unfailingly be watching your mouth for the next witticism -- any lip color had better have staying power for the likes of you!

But it's what goes on in your turbo-powered brain that wins the most admiration; calm that mind down with a lavender-tinged perfume and make-up in shades of pinks and light blues. You gravitate to the new and the progressive, and you're not afraid of color. Your beauty comes from your animated intellect, your zest for interaction and your flexible attitude. By not taking yourself too seriously, you allow others to see the real you -- not a cosmetic façade.

Amongst warm shades they prefer green.

Gemini, strangely enough, do not like bright cosmetics, but wear a lot of bright clothes. They also prefer matte textured make-up.

Best color: Yellow
Energizing and stimulating, this is a color filled with radiance and light. It has the ability to lift your spirits. Wearing it increases your memory and communication skills. 

Wear it as a light golden yellow high-lighter on the brow bone or as nail paint.


  1. hey this is mostly true for me (Gemini)
    I find it really difficult to make a choice when buying cosmetics :)
    N yeah i don't get trapped by beauty routines either, although it might seem like that to so many pple.

  2. @ CZ: Glad to know it resonated with you!! :D

  3. Hey Tanveer ... Being a gemini i can very well relate myself to this article... I dont believe in impulsive shopping and buy each cosmetic after researching abt it fully :)


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