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Of course you've heard all the tales of lusty Scorpio, the Sign of Sex -- the escapades, the seduction, the mysterious stranger in red and black. No other Sun Sign has quite the mystique of this stinging little Scorpion. Yes, those of you born under the intense light of this Fixed Water Sign are intense and passionate, amorous and sometimes secretive.

When it comes to beauty, you wrap your sensuality around you like a long, silken robe -- it envelopes your every move. Your sensuality courses through you like an electric current. While it seems as if you can't help but exude sexual energy, there's a softer side to you. You can be emotional and a loyal friend.

You don't go for the musky perfumes as much as you do sweeter essences like vanilla or spicy fragrances like cinnamon.

You delight in disguise and in dramatic makeovers; wigs and false eyelashes are some of the tools of your cosmetic trade.(notice that Priyanka Chopra's character in the movie seems to do this quite effectively)  Hiding behind other personas stimulates you, and you shine when you can be a bit clever and cunning.

The power of your beauty lies within this cunning; all of your expressions of beauty possess a hidden, deeper meaning, a subtext of desire, an ulterior motive. You are at your most beautiful when you channel your sly charm to energize those around you, letting the world in on the biggest Scorpio secret of all: how good it feels to be you.

Saturated deep lipstick suits them. Eye make-up should be clear and noticeable. Perfectly highlighted cheekbones are their accent.
Best color: Burgundy/berry
This color inspires depth, strength, and love. It helps you move through times of transition. Wearing shades of burgundy increases your perception, persistence, and drive.

The color of the season, wear berry colors
1. As tints on the lips
2. As nail paints
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