Tips & Toes is Back

Tips & Toes is back with a whole new range of colors!

I have very old memories of Tips & Toes, there was a time in the 80s when Lakme & T&T were the only two national cosmetic brands in India.

Lakme got acquired by Unilever and T&T fell off the bandwagon, so to say.. They didn't update their range and still produced old maroon & dark brown. The Indian woman had moved on and T&T no longer reflected her moods & colors.

On a recent visit to Khar Beauty Centre, I was mildly amused to see that a tiny little counter dedicated to T&T had sprung up. Convinced that the stuff would be as tacky as the adverts for the brand I almost walked past it. & then my eye caught the sight of liquid eyeliners in brown, silver, grey & green... with shimmer. On the T&T counter! I froze in shock ... & Awe.

Had T&T finally caught on? I went back and checked out some of their stuff. & I will admit I am impressed. You can see that T&T is trying to make up for the time lost and run to the cover the miles their competitors have covered.

It is a start. The stuff is not mind-blowing, but it is good. They have got some things right. Mostly the prices are very good. Enticing enough to try. Which I did. Reviews will come up shortly.

Liquid eyeliners cost 75 Rs
Lipsticks come at two ranges: 85 & 135.

Have you too noticed the attempts at resurgence by T&T? What is your opinion? Did you like their stuff? Share your views..
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  1. I boght a lip liner in plum shade. I liked it sooo much. Now I am trying to find that color abroad in different brands(Revlon, MAC) with no success.
    I should habe bought a ton of that color while I was in India.

  2. @Anon: In Tips & Toes? I haven't tried their lip liners, but glad to know that at least some Indian brands have innovative prdts :D

    I hope u find it soon :)

  3. hey..have you tried tips and toes lip gloss..
    i would like to know the review before buying it..
    can u please help me?


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