Garnier Light Under Eye Roll On - Review

I know it has been long.. I too have been missing my daily blogging! But the work front has been a lil hectic.

To start off, there are a lot of reviews that are pending. Let roll the bucket with Garnier Light Under eye roll - on

Some time ago Garnier launched an eye roll-on with caffeine that stimulates blood microcirculation. The metal roller ball of the Garnier roll-on has a cooling effect which works for the puffy eyes.

1. The cream is very light, non-greasy, unscented & absorbs into the skin in a jiffy.
2. The silver metal roller ball is very cool & feels very good. Wakes you up & refreshes you instantly.
3. It does reduce puffiness.
4. Small package makes it easy to carry around

1. A lil expensive at 199 Rs for just 15 ml
2. Does nothing for dark circles

Price: 15 ml tube costs Rs. 199/-

Will I buy it again: No. It does not reduce dark circles at all. It does however work very well on puffy eyes & is very refreshing if you are feeling sleepy in office. But then my Biotique Chlorophyll gel does that just as well, & is much cheaper at 185 rs for 100 ml.
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  1. damn !! I was also finking of reviewing this one .. buh U wrote just wot I fink about this product .. em a night owl and have ta wake up at 6 evry mornin .. I always wake up with puffy eyes and this baby minimizes appearence of fatigue(atleast on me)
    chlorophyll gel ?? I also used it buh I find garnier roll on easy to carry :)
    buh yeah it does nthing for dark circles :P

  2. @SSJ: Hey, u too can review it on yr blog. Readers will find it easier to make a choice when there are multiple reviews of a product... even when they essentially are saying the same thing.. increases credibility of all concerned :D :D


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