Rumour - Fact or False!!

OK Girls, I need your help! The other day while browsing the net I came across this site that claimed that Lakme Ginger surprise powder blush is very similar to NARS Orgasm (read it here)

I have never tried NARS, coz it ain't available here in India... but have read major raves & reviews about it.. If there is anyone out there who can corroborate this - rumour or fact, please let me know!!

Thanks All!

Update: As it turns out Lakme is the not the dupe. Wait continues.


  1. Ooh..this is music to my ears! Does look similar. Definitely going to check it out..Thanks for posting this Tanveer :)

  2. hehe !!
    tanveer I read the same review and got ginger surprise buh I can definately tell they aint same .. ginger surprise lean toward peach while orgasm is pinky - peach .
    even I dont own orgasm (NARS one ! OK ?)
    buh I have TBS golden pink blush which is also touted to be orgasm dupe and I find this lean toward pink .
    so my ultimate verdict would be _ NO, they ain't similar buh Lakme ginger surprise is unique enuf to own :)

  3. Tanveer, that page doesnt exist? It says so! If thats true, definitely worth-a-try :) i am kinda trying to compare those two, but where shall I? In my blog? is it okay?

  4. Guys! I was really excited when i wrote the post so i think i didn't give the complete link:

    @ CZ: Do check it out & let me know...

    @Palak: ohhh.. this is news to me.. so the body shop also makes a NARS dupe.. This just got interesting :D :D...

    @Divija: Yea! Yea! be my guest! pls go ahead & compare in your blog or wherever you feel like & let us know yr verdict!!

    As you all can see I am very excited about this entire thing!! :D

  5. Oh no! Ginger isn't similar to Nars orgasm!!
    Ginger is a peachy/golden blush and Orgasm is a very light pink.
    Orgasm doesn't suit on desi skin color. It's invisible.
    Ginger is a teeny weeny bit like Nars Taj mahal.


  6. @Litchi: Thks for the heads up that O is not too good on our skin tone - helped save me some monies :)


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