Confessions of a Make Up Addict

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I love make up. That I suppose is evident as I write a blog about it. But contrary to popular opinion(ahem, ahem) , I am not very proficient  in it. I know, confessing this may put a dent in my image as a makeup blogger.
But in my defense I just started using make up like 2 – 3 years ago and I feel that there are a whole lot of people like me out there. Who might feel like coming out of the vanity case themselves after reading this post.
So in the tone of the season, I would like to confess:

  1.  I am afraid of the eye-lash curler: I confess. I have used this medieval contraption only once. Frankly it terrifies me. I see the huge jaw like clamps headed towards my eye, threatening to do the unthinkable (which is rip out my lashes). I break into a cold sweat. 
  2. I am not good at choosing the correct shades of lipsticks. This is all thanks to my pigmented red lips. The glosses and lip colors look oh-so-pretty in the tube and on the back of my hand. On my lips they either make me look ghostly or just too bright. Nudes look cadaverish on me,browns made me look matronly,  bright reds – well, not so gentlewomanly. Am stuck to pinks and berries for sheer lack of anything else
  3.  I also suck at choosing the right foundation shade. I don’t know if it is me, or the range that available but I have never been able to get a foundation in my skin shade. They either turn me ghostly white or orange. And since I have already wasted some money on buying shades that just don’t look good, I am now very scared tp buy any new  ones least I waste money again. So I go through life with a sheer coverage of a tinted moisturizer. *Sigh*
  4. I sometimes go to sleep. With my make up on. Ok I know. Cardinal sin of blocked pores. But it happens at times, rarely though. But it does.
  5. I don’t know anything about primers. I have heard about them. But am clueless about which brand retails it here. To top it all I have now heard of things like lip and eye shadow primers. Can someone tell me where I can get these?
  6. I don’t use loose/translucent powder. Never have. Have no idea what this thing is or what I am supposed to do with it. Even after reading a hundred blogs.  Simply coz I am afraid it will dry out my skin.

Ok. So there it is. I have confessed. The world is lighter and feels better.
And now on to you dear readers, Can you help me out with my make up problems? Looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. By confessing all this how would this put a dent to your image?

    Okay I'll go point by point.

    1. Love eyelash curler. :) I guess you are not doing it right, may be. COme to Delhi and we will test and try some stuff together.

    2. I also end up choosing a lot of wrong shades for myself but these days I try my lipsticks on my fingertips and in most cases I get the right shaded. I also have slightly pigmented lips, mostly I don't bother but when I am using a sheer lipstick and I want the exact colour to show, I just swipe some foundation or concealer on my lips, set it with powder and the apply my lipstick.

    3.Same until I found my shade recently. I guess our Indian companies don't make enough shaded to suit our skin tones. Not your fault.

    4. Not really.:D

    5. Eye primers are essentially equal amount of moisturiser mixed with your foundation. Try this with a pea size of foundation and not-so-runny- moisturiser. I generally put foundation on my lids and it works. Concealer creases on my lids.You can check revlon or loreal for face primers. I use none.

    6. I don't use it either. :D The makeup artists use loose powder either to set foundations or they swipe a load of loose powder under on your cheeks while doing eyemakeup. So basically, if there is any fall out of shadows, it come on loose powder. Once all is done, just remove the loose powder with a fan brush or a powder brush and your face makeup would be untouched. I don't use it.:)

  2. I guess I have written a sub post now. :P

  3. Enjoyed reading this :) . I wish u weren't so scared of eyelash curler...:D

  4. @ Rati: First of all thank you for so patiently addressing all my, ehh, issues... I appreciate the effort and time :D and will def try out the tips you have mentioned...

    Btw i am coming to Delhi for a 2 day trip sometime in end of Jan! will def try to hook up with you then :D :D

    Secondly i now realize that irony in tone doesn't translate so well into written words ("My image as a make blogger") :D :D..

    But really, thank you so much for all the tips dear! Really appreciate all that you do :D :D

  5. @ Cynthia: Glad you enjoyed it :D.. really am terrified of eye lash curlers. They just look scary actually.

  6. I forgot 2 ask u if the curler works...I think they r available in diff shapes acc. to each person's eye,bt u don't get 'em lik dat here...and most small outlets here don't know anything bout primers,highlighters,etc..they jst know the basic stuff!!!

  7. Great Tanveer, I look forward to meet you. :)

    Gee!! Most welcome :P

  8. @ Simran: I have no idea if the curler works! It didn't seem to do anything very great to my lashes and tht probably could be because i was too scared and did not use it properly.

    I hate it when there are men behind counters like tht at manish nagar. They don't understand anything about make up at all. Make dumb recommendations, and don't keep testers at all.

    One of the reasons why i like going to NBC is because the women there know how to use these products, encourage you to try them, and generally make good recommendations :D

  9. @ Rati: You must help me out by letting me know wht are the best places to shop in delhi.. I think there are some brands you get thr tht i don't get here.. :D :D

  10. Whoa and haven't you come such a loooong way since you wrote this ?

    I'm addicted to Addictedtoblush ! Thanks for all the reviews and comments on products. You definitely make up a great blog :-)


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