Lakme 9 to 5 Satin Glide Eyeshadow - Review

What the company says:
Unique smooth applicator.
Crème to powder satin finish
Definition and color that stays
I have this in Lavender (a lilac purple), Blush (a light shimmery pink) and Coppertone (a light golden)
1. The packaging. Love the soft sponge tip. The eyeshadow is packaged in a twist up pen. You twist the pen only to remove as much as you need. The rest stays inside contamination free. It is also very convenient to carry in the purse. No spillage, no need for separate brush.
2. Color that stays on. I applied this at 8 in the morning, and this stayed on through a sweaty train ride and a day in office till 8 in the evening.
3. The colors are nice shimmery shades.
1. The price. They cost 350 a piece. And I had bought these quite some time back. I think the prices have increased.
2. This can only be used if you are planning to just color the lid. It is a quick dying formula and presents some trouble when you are trying to blend this in with the crease color or highlighter color.
3. Because it is so creamy in texture, pencil eyeliners don’t really go on smoothly on it. You will have to use liquid eyeliners.

Price: Rs. 350 /-
Will I but this again: Hmm.. not likely. I like having one to serve in emergencies, in case I know that I am coordinating/participating in some function where I will have to do a lot of running around and will have no time for touch-ups but I need to look well-dressed. The ones I have I think will last me quite long, so I don’t think I’ll be needing or buying another one. I might just keep one neutral color like coppertone on me to serve as the emergency go – to.


  1. Never used them. For some reason I found them pretty expensive for a single colour.

    I really like these tubes but only if LAkme would decide to give us some better stuff filled in these. :P

  2. Hmm..never tried these but I've given up on cream eyeshadows. Again, what's with their pricing these days! :O

  3. @ Rati: Glad u skipped these.. they are expensive for a single shade.

    @ Cynthia: I know.. The ppl at lakme are totally overestimating their products.. Most of them are sub-standard but are so damn expensive..


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