Make up trends for Christmas 2009 & New Year 2010!

Christmas decoration at a shopping mall in Brazil
The year is about to wrap up and all of us are busy making last minute plans to either dance the night away, or have a quite dinner with loved ones. Whatever maybe your plan I have a few tips below that can help you look your best this season

Skin that Glows: The dewy look. Winters make our skin look dry, dull and lifeless. So make up tries to, well, “make-up” for it by putting the glow right back. This look enhances your skin without looking thick and cakey. To achieve this look you can use a shimmering cream to make your skin glow

1. Revlon Face Illuminating lotion in Pink Light: Mix a drop with tinted moisturizer / moisturizer and apply. Rs. 695/- for 45 ml

2. Streetwear Crystal glow in Nude: Mix a drop with tinted moisturizer or plain moisturizer and apply. Rs. 230 for 22 ml

3. Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream is a day time shimmery moisturizer. Apply and layer with tinted moisturizer. Rs. 525 for one pot.

Lip Stains: Combine the dewy glowing skin with a lip stain look, this is great for day time and very easy and quick to do. The lip stain helps define the lips without layering it and best of all is long lasting. Best choices for this include

1. Lakme cheek and lip tint. Rs. 240 for 9 ml

2. The body shop cheek and lip tint (also moisturizes lips): Rs. 695/-

3. Bourjois Lip tint (has 3 shades of red, pink and caramel brown). Rs. 495/-

Keep in mind that tints tend to be water based and are not as moisturizing as glosees or lipsticks. To some this gives an uncomfortable feeling of dryiness. If you layer lip balm on top, it will dissolve the tint.

To use your lipstick as lip tint, just dab a little bit of lipstick on the lip and blend and spread it using your fingers. Press lips together. Repeat process till desired coverage and intensity is achieved. (Bear in mind that this will just look like a tint, it will not have the staying power of one)

If it is moisture is essential to you use a deep tinted lip balm like cherry from Nivea or Berry Wine from Jordana. Once it dries it will leave a light tint on the lips

Glittery Eye make Up: No longer an 80’s cliché, glitter is back and better than ever. Go for dark shades of eye shadow such as purple, earthy colors like browns and forest greens. Bronze and gold and other metallic colors are also hot for this new year. Smokey eye look is still in and you can experiment with the dark eye shadows with black eyeliner and mascara- the darker and bolder, the better. Finish off with a voluminous or glitter mascara (Revon or Borjoius retails this).

All brands retail glitter eyeshadows and liners these days, so I am not making any specific reccomendations.

You can use glitter on

1. The crease to make your eyes pop and look well define

2. The brow bone as a sheer shade. Try a bone colored shade with slight shimmer

3. Glittery eyeliner. (God I love this!). Diana of London has very nice gel eyeliners in glittery shades

4. Sweep a light dust of silver/golden shimmer over the eye

Do share your make up looks/trends you will be rocking for this Christmas & new year!.

Merry Christmas and look gorgeous!
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  1. I just bought a smoky black quad from Inglot yesterday, i must say that some companies just know how to keep a balance mix of shimmer and matter in their shadows. Totally in love with it. :)

    WHat is Streetwear Crystal glow in Nude?

  2. Tanvi, is Crystal glow in Nude illuminator as well?

    will read the lakme tint reviews and let u know if i want that in my wish list.

  3. Revlon Face Illuminating lotion is for 605/- at manish nagar....Bt I didn't check out the ml..I think it must be the same..

  4. @ Rati: I have never used Inglot.. not available here.. but the other day i saw a hoarding for it in the new mall opening close to my place.. hopefully it will open soon & then i shall be able to see wht yr talking about :D

    @ Rati & Divija: Yea, streetwear crystal glow in nude is also an illuminating lotion. The difference between this and revlon pink light is that streetwear is almost translucent with a lot of shimmer whereas revlon pink light is pink in color with very little shimmer. Hardly any in fact.

    Hope tht helps!

  5. @ Simran: Khar beauty centre sells it for 595/-.. must be the same only. Streetwear is owned by Revlon, so they also sell pretty much the same thing but in slightly different shades and lesser quantities which also means lower prices.


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