Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss – A Review

I have Rati – who writes this wonderful blog called "Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog" to thank for this recommendation.
What it claims: Juicy candy lip gloss is highly recommended for those who want the ultimate shiny lips. Its ultra creamy formula with a skin conditioning agent gives the lips a soft and supple look. This deliciously irresistible lip gloss comes in 8 lip smacking flavors. So go ahead...treat your lips!
Price: Rs. 199 /- for a 9 ml tube
I have the shades  “Just Berry” – a purple looking gloss which applies clear with silver shimmer - looks very cool toned and “06 – Strawberry Twist” – a pink looking gloss that also is clear with pink shimmer - this is more warm toned.

1.A great substitute for lip blam. They are very nourishing and moisturize while they shimmer away prettily.
2. Good staying power – they stay on for upto 4 hours.
3. They smell really nice though it fades away quite quickly
4. The packaging is very cute and they are easy to apply on the go.  No wands to manipulate. It is like a lip balm in its packaging.
5.The colors are very nice and make you look very fresh
6. Great as a top coat over lipstick or even by themselves as the glosses themselves are transparent
7. There are 8 shades in all – some have green (Guava) and even golden glitter (didn’t like those – range & Caramel)
1. Like all lip glosses they wear off after some time
2. The  Pink “Strawberry Twist” and Red “Apple” glosses always seem to be out of stock here in stores.
Will I re-purchase: Yes, I really like these tiny cute little tubes full of pretty gloss. These are a no-brainer. They look natural but also make you look finished and glamorous. Swipe a little in the morning on your way to work & you look more alive and fresh. And the thing suits everyone, no matter what your skin shade. You only need to pick the glitter/shimmer color that attracts you the most.

These are unpigmented glosses – transparent with colored shimmer and a hint of fragrance. While in the tubes the gloss appears colored, on the lips it is colorless. So it a great day wear for just a hint of shimmer and wonderful as a top coat as well.


  1. Oh great! :) I have used a lot of clear glosses ranging from Lakme, Maybelline, and Revlon but this is where I stopped. Unlike other glosses it does not feel sticky and for a gloss I like its staying power.

    I also have in just berry. This colour attracted me the most. :P

    Glad you liked it and thanks for the link love. :)

  2. these glosses looks wonderful and tubes are so cute ,,so colorful xx

  3. wow ! these glosses look yummy and the description is yummier :D

    incidentally , I am also lookin for a clear gloss , I hope, just like Rati, my search for the perfect clear gloss will end here :P
    Thanx for da review :)

  4. hey tanvi, how r u today? luks like ur having a great ball ;)

    u r a real bad girl, especially very injurious to my wallet. i guess i have to wait until I come back in May coz no Color Bar here :) thnx 4 d review love!

  5. @ Rati: Yr Welcome :D.. I shd really thk u for the recco - they are great :D

  6. @Divva: I know, the packaging is really eye-catching. I love the transparent tube and slanted applicator design :D

  7. @ Palak: I hope u like these as much as I did :D

  8. @ Divs: I guess all of us are injurious to each other's wallets with our reviews :D

    Gr8, i hope u shall be able to do a comparison between the make up we get here in India & abroad :D

  9. Its the first lip gloss dat i have used. And i just fell in love wit it. Thanks to your blog.


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