Found MLBB Shade!

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MLBB = My Lips But Better

I have finally found my MLBB shade, after hunting up & down, far & near. Most were too brown, too blah, too beige, too pink. Untill I found this....

Presenting Lakme Enrich Sugarbloom, shade no 652 - a shade that is a mixture of plum tempered with the right amount of brown.

In fact it is the exact color of my lips. Exact. When worn, my lips just seem more evenly pigmented, but not like their natural color has been tampered with.

While frankly I am not too enamoured by the shade. I think it is a good piece to keep to wear for interviews and other formal/serious functions. I tend to gravitate more towards berry colors personally.

What's your MLBB? 
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  1. Iactually don't know what is my MLBB shade .lol! But browns go the best with my skin tone. ALthough I keep a mix of pinks and browns in my collection but I would say the shades of copper, bronze and browns go the best.

    These days it's tuskan bronze by colorbar.

    By the way how is the texture and staying power of Lakme enrich lippies?

  2. OOOOOOOO u found it? great honey ;)

  3. browns all the way! revlon coffee sip!

  4. @ Rati: I tend to gravitate towards berry shades :D..

    Staying power is not very good, it is a very creamy texture that melts off within 2 hours or so.

  5. @ Divs & Rina: Thks for the reccos!


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