How to Stop your foundation from turning Orange

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The search for a foundation that matches our skin tone is a real challenge. (Which is why I have given up and have begun using tinted moisturizers). 

To make matters worse, foundations sometimes just turn “orange” on your face.  This has happened to me a few times with Lakme in the past when I wore it outdoors (meaning not in air-conditioned environment)

I got investing. And found that foundation turns orange when it oxidizes. 

The oils on your skin or those present in the product, pH of the skin, humidity and skin temperature can all affect the pigments of the foundation, intensifying their color. This is why people with oilier skin or those who sweat a lot or live in humid places are more prone to experience a change in the color of their foundation. 

So, what can you do to avoid looking like an Orange? 

Avoid Oil – Based foundations.
Oil-based foundations have oil as their first ingredient and water as their second or third ingredient and have a tendency to turn orange on the skin after wearing them for awhile. This is because the extra oil in them affects the pigments in the foundation, causing them to oxidize. Additionally, if you wear face powder over this type of foundation to prevent the oranging (Ok, I just invented the word – but you get the drift), the oil absorbs the talc and the face can appear coated and heavily made up.

Use Pressed powder–based foundation
These foundations come in a compact and they provide coverage and ability to stay put. Almost all of them have a wonderfully creamy, silky, smooth feel and blend easily. Most pressed powder foundations provide light to medium coverage.

Powder-based foundations are great for women with normal to oily or combination skin. They’re convenient, blend on easily, last all day, generally don't change color, and feel light on the skin. But this is not a good option if you have flaky skin. The powder content makes this too drying for someone with dry skin. Also, women with very oily skin might want to be cautious, because powder-based foundations can appear thick and chalky as oil resurfaces on the face during the day.

Understand your undertone and avoid foundations with Peach/Pink tones

If you have a strong yellow undertone and use a foundation with a cool (like Peach or Pink) undertone on your skin, then you will end up with the orange tint. Avoid foundations with pink undertones, opt for yellow undertone foundations and balance them out, if needed, by using pink toned loose powder brushed lightly or else use a blush to put back the pink in your cheeks.

But don’t use a peachy pink foundation just to imitate youthful pink skin – that is what blushes are for.

Use a Primer
A lot of foundations turn orange when it either reacts with sebum oils or the mineral color components are wet by sweat. Using a primer will create a thin layer between the two and absorb sebum. You can even use a mattifying moisturizer like Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer to absorb the excess oil.
Use loose powder as foundation when outdoors 
If you know that you are going to be spending the day out in hot / humid weather then skip the foundation. Just use a concealor where needed and set with loose translucent powder dusted with a very, very light hand.

Have you had foundation turning orange on you? What would you suggest to avoid this?
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  1. I posted such a long comment and it didn't show. :( Could you check if it has gone in your spam comments or did it disappear completely?

  2. @Rati: I don't have a spam comments folder, since commenting is open to all :(

    I am sorry your comment got lost, it happens sometimes due to trouble with blogger (it has happened with my sis), but i'll go home and chk my mail to see in case the comment has reached there. Thks for the comment & i apologize for the trouble.

  3. thnk god i dont use liquid foundation :) i dont worry that i luk like carrot anymore...

  4. Never mind.I'll just write again. :)

    For some reason the foundations don't turn orange on me. Even the Lakme souffle that a lot of people complain about turning orange on their skin, worked okay with me. It's a different story that I didn't like the product only.

    I am not wearing liquid foundations since many days now. Loving my loose powder so much. :P

    A lot of Indian women give up on foundation because they are not able to find their exact shade in foundation. To an extent blame lies with our cosmetic companies as well who decide to launch their foundations in just 3-4 shades. I myself had this issue until I found MY shade.

    Great great post as always. :)

    By the way Himani Boroplus is giving a soap Rs 25 free with its big bottle of lotion. It's easily aviailable here. Didn't buy it coz I am overstocked with body lotions as of now. :P

  5. Very informative post hun :) I have seen many Mac liquid foundations turing orange on me :S

  6. good post !!
    even I had this problem but I read somewhere that foundation changes colors due to acidity of skin , so I used a lil MoM on my skin and it worked just fyn .. my foundie didnt change color at all !!

  7. hahah i loved your comments on my giveaway post. made me laugh..good luck ;)

  8. I've nvr worn a foundation dat long enuf out 2 see dat happen!!!Wld be fun 2 see dat happen 2 sum1 else!!Btw I used 2 think dat those ppl r buying the wrong color foundation- nvr thought dat d foundation turns Orange!!!

  9. @ Rati: Thks for re-commenting :D

    about 3-4 years ago, when I had started to use make-up, I had bought Lakme's foundation. I had a hunch marble would suit me, but the SA insisted that Rose was a better option. & I used it for 3-4 days. Until I saw a mirror image of myself while outside in a mall - after about 4-5 hours of application. I was orange! Horrified I tried to smear off as much as i cld and never used that foundie again :(

    After that I have been through a few streetwear and Maybelline foundie - but they always been too light for me. So have given up. :D

  10. @ Shifa: Thks for the appreciation :D

    I think foundation turning orange cuts across brands. & it is so horrible.

  11. @Palak: Using MOM is a neat trick for ppl with oily skins! Thks for sharing it :D

  12. @Simran: I am sure u have seen it happen, only it may have seemed to you tht people have picked the wrong shade - a darker one :D


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