My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Reader Shweta asked me to giveout some tips on night time skin care routine. I am very particular about my night time skin care routine. I am willing to skip putting makeup on my face during the day, but I never skip my night time routine.
Many people consider using a nighttime serum or moisturizer as either being too high fussy, not necessary or one more annoying extra step to do before going to bed.

Another common excuse is that they want their skin to “breathe” and use nothing after cleansing. But while we sleep every night, our skin cells are renewing themselves and recovering from a day’s worth of exposure to the sun, environmental factors and stress. They need all the help we can give.

Some of the advantages of incorporating a nighttime skincare routine include:

·    Minimizing uneven skin tone or discoloration.
·    Reducing common skin concerns such as breakouts and redness.
·    Brighter, hydrated skin that takes on a “plump”, healthy glow.

Every night time routine should address the following steps:
1.      Cleansing
2.      Moisturizing
3.      Special Treatments (acne, anti-aging)

However a night time routine need not be elaborate and complicated. I used to have a 3 product routine until a week ago. Now I have a 4 product routine. Simple, non-fussy.

Night Time Skin Routine: I have combination skin – an oily T zone accompanied by very dry skin on the rest of the face. Below mentioned routine and products are what suit me best. You should alter your routine according to your skin type.

1.      Deep cleansing and moisturizing: not removing makeup and dirt before you sleep has been proven to accelerate aging by up to 8 times, So this is crucial essential step.

Since I have dry skin I use a cream cleanser – which is basically cold cream. I use Jergens all purpose face cream (ingredients: Mineral oil, water, beeswax, costs some 190 Rs for 400 ml) and slather it all over the face and rub it in well for 2 – 5 minutes. Also in oder to help mascara come off gently I just apply the cream to the lashes and let it dissolve the mascara for a minute or two.

Post this I wipe off all the cream with a moist wash cloth or cotton, and repeat to ensure complete deep cleansing..

This is a dual step, the oil penetrates the pores and has helps dissolve the sebum, dirt and makeup and it also moisturizes at the same time. Wiping with a wet cloth ensures that essential moisture is not sapped off my face and it leaves my skin with a light layer of oil.

You can also use any cold cream or plain baby oil / mineral oil for this step.

2.      Every alternate night I apply a thin layer of Ponds Age Miracle night cream  

3.      A swipe of Neutrogena Lip Balm and I am ready to hit the sack.

4.      I now follow this up with my newest addition to the routine: Blossom Kocchar’s under eyecream.

This is my night time routine. I have been following this for the last 4 months now and haven’t broken out despite all the oil. In fact any zits that I do get once in a while have now begun to clear up in 2-3 days.  My skin is looking clearer and it is softer.

I apply a body lotion in the evening pre-dinner when I am watching TV. Not everyday though. Just 2-3 times a week.
And I also apply a thin layer of the same Jergens Cream on my feet, wear some old cotton sock of hubby and go to sleep. My feet are happy in the morning. I had been neglecting them for quite some time – the result, painful sores and cracked heels. Made it difficult to walk. Now they have happily recovered. You can even use petroleum jelly, it gave equally good results to me.
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  1. Hey Tanveer,

    Thanks for this very informative post...I also have a very similar night time routine which I have been following since only a couple of months but can already see the difference...i also have cracked heels so will try ur routine for that


  2. Hey Tanveer,

    Was missing to read your blog ...Nice Post. Thank you for answering my query. Shall follow your tips . Just wanted to share with you that I used Recova about a month back as everyone was saying that my skin looked dull. but about using it for a month my skin has started glowing and i feel my pores have also shrunk. The Cream pack says it is a 30 day treatment i am not sure if i can use beyond 30 days so shall try ponds as i am alreasy using Day cream from Ponds.Let me know if you have used/or suggestionabout recova.

    One more question ... This eye cream instruction says to wipe out after 20 min. Do you do that ? Cause i really feel lazy about it...
    Have a nice day..

  3. Hi Tanveer,

    I follow the similar routine just that I cannot wear the socks while!! what do you use for cleansing?

    I must write to Blossom K that I have really pushed her sales of eye cream? :P I myself love it so much. I have used Neutrogena's and Fab India's eye creams in past but both have given me absolutely no results. Atleast this cream keeps my eye area hydrated. Infact, I met a makeup artist a few days back and I was telling her how much I end up being on computer. She said if that be the case then my eyes are in pretty good condition. :D

    The neutrogena's eye cream was so disappointing. I used to feel I was slathering whole lot of chemicals on my eye area and it wasn't even hydrating. In fact, it was drying. The tiny tube was for Rs 220 and what a disappointment. :( I have lost faith in Neutrogena's products now. How is the lip balm?

  4. never used jergens coz i haven't seen it it any store here. my night time regimen is similar to yours, except the socks bit. and i also dont use any undereye cream. do you recommend it for me? i am 20, have very dry skin and am paranoid about getting wrinkles early on in life.

  5. oh and ratty, i have seen through two sticks of neutrogena lip balm. found it very moisturizing without all the fuss of tint, taste or fragrance.

  6. @ HD: Hey, so cool tht we're doing the same thing :D
    Using a cream cleanser has really been the breakthrough for me. It has really helped my skin.

    Let me know hw the socks thing worked out for u.

  7. @Shweta: I havn't used Recova at all, no idea about it, or the 30 day thing..

    But I know tht it has reteniod which is good for improving skin tone and pores. I use Ponds as it just seemed better to me.

    & No i don't wipe it off, I suppose it prevents puffiness. there are some ppl who get puffy eyes if a cream is applied the entire night. No such thing happens to me so I just leave it on :D

  8. ok . I guess even i will continue keeping it as even i dont get any puffiness .though i use it because i am 30 now and i feel i have faint dark circles in fact nowadays people say i have no dark circles I finally got himani moisturiser it works like dream . Looking forward to reading your new posts . Have a nice weekend. :)ps want to thank rati via your blog as i visit hers too but havent left a comment as i think giving email id is a must . So thanks Rati great blog

  9. oh!! Thanks shweta. :P Email id is a must because that controls spam. However you could also write and comment.


  10. @Rati: I use the Jergens cream itself for both cleansing and moisturising.

    I use a face wash only once a day - in the morning. I have noticed that soap doesn't seem to suit my skin.. These days am using Himalaya.

    Yea, i think Blossom Kocchar shd give u some royalties off their sale :D

    I have had a good experince with Neutrogena - I use their oil-free moisturiser for combination skin every morning and their lip balm at night. Both are good.

    And Rima is right - the lipbalm is a no fuss, does its job well kinda balm. I liked it.

  11. @Rima: U r really young. I think yr doing the right thing by paying attention to yr skin by moisturizing it well. I don't think u need a eye cream until u cross 25. So u r safe for another 5 yrs, but u must use sun protection and a good quality moisturizer - splurge on wht suits you best :D

    & thks for the quick neutrogena lip balm review :D

  12. @ Shweta & Rati: Glad tht the two of u cld connect :D

  13. thanks tanveer, and also welcome (",)

  14. Well planned I feel very lazy compared 2 u!!!

  15. @Simran: at 20 even i didn't do anything other than wash my face in the evening and apply a light lotion during winters. I started all of this post 25.

    I have just started to do this over the last 2 yrs. Hectic lives, A/c, pollution damage the skin and after 25 everyone shd start taking some extra care.

  16. heyy...
    I have combination skin which tends to look dull through the day..
    Would you suggest using Bodyshop's facial buffer with Aroma Magic Grapefruit facewash every morning...OR.. Aroma Magic's Mineral Glow Face scrub every morning..

  17. Hi,

    Just came across this post. Can you please suggest me a good, oil free night cream. Any idea how Himalaya night cream would work on combination skin?


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