Trip to the store today

I made an unplanned trip to the market today and came across quite a few new launches. I thought I would share them with you. As usual reviews will follow (but after my two week testing period is over - I rarely review something unless I have used it regularly for two weeks)

1. E.L.F. cosmetics have to Mumbai, albeit, a little quietly. They have also launched their brushes, which were quite reasonable and were between 200 to 400 Rs. As of right now they have launched a small collection of blushes (Rs. 199), eyeshadow (Rs. 149 for brightening eye colors powder palettes, Rs. 199 for duo cream eyeshadow), a lot of glosses, shimmering facial whips (multi-purpose cream based product for the eyes, cheeks and lips Rs. 199/-) and tinted moisturizers (Rs. 199) amongst other compact powders and lip liners. I found their range to be very very reasonably priced. I bought the iced mocha swirl cream eyeshadow palette. (picture below) and may pick up the shimmering whip on my next visit..

E.L.F. Duo Eye Shadow Cream

2. Colorbar has launched a whole new range of eyeliners called I - Glide eye pencil (Rs. 325/-).. Unlike the earlier pencils these are kind of wet after application - meaning that soon after application, they can be smudged, but after about 10 seconds they 'set' so then become water and smudge proof. They are available in silver, blue, green (not the same as moss green - their earlier eyeliner, which I love btw), purple (prunella - 05) and dark chocolate brown (cocobar - 02). I bought prunella and cocobar.

3. Biotique has gone for a revamp of their packaging. They are now being sold in cardboard outer covering along with a safety seal exhorting customers to not purchase if broken. I like :D

They have launched 3 new lip balms 
1. berry for smooth and plump lips: it claims to plump lips up
2. Morning nectar for lightening lips with SPF
3. Peppermint for coolness and fresh breath

They all are for Rs. 99/-.. I didn't get these as I already have lip balms on me right now.

Biotique has also launched Naturally Tinted Moisturizers with spf 30 (UVA & UVB sunscreen) for all skin types.

There are 3 shades - Rose (for very light skin), Peach (for light to medium skin) and Olive (for dark skin). The tint is due to the addition of Redwood paste and it costs Rs. 299/- for 55 gms. There were no testers in the store, so I bought Rose on the recommendation of the SA. It turned out to be an exact match for my skin. It provides very sheer coverage and smells nice (my sister differs - she says it smells like ayurvedic medicine). I will put up a more detailed review in about 2 weeks.

I quite liked both these new product launches from Biotique. Very innovative.

I have also installed intensedebate commenting system on my blog today, hoping to make it easier for you readers to comment and follow the discussion. This is purely for your benefit, so if you don't like it let me know and we'll go back to the old system :-)

Have a nice long weekend and Happy Holi to y'all!!!

Play Safe :-D


  1. Hey Tanveer...I visited the beauty shop near my place yesterday and noticed the new Elf counter there too........checked all their stuff....quite liked the shimmering whip...u need very less quantity fr good coverage


  2. @HD: Really! I didn't get the shimmering whip last time. Will chk it out the nxt time :)

    Abroad they have this lovely cream liner in black and brown - I have read rave reviews for it, but they havn't got it here as yet :(

    Waiting to lay my hands on it :D

    Wht all did u get? :D :D


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