Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel - Review

Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you my sister: Simran

She has been one of the biggest supporters of my blog since it first began and I am happy and proud that today my blog carries a contribution from her. 

I have always wanted her to contribute to my blog for two simple reasons

1. She writes well.
2. She has oily & sensitive skin - quite the opposite of mines (combination verring towards dry & tottally insensitive, as in, not much makes my skin break out into rashes or pimples). I always felt that adding her perspective to the blog would help those of my readers who identify with her skin type ands make the blog more useful to them.  

Over to Simran, then. :-D. 

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel - Review By Simran Parmar

What it claims: Exfoliating & Blackhead Removal gel. This Gentle Gel formula contains AHA, a multi fruit acid mixture that eliminates dead surface cells, blackheads and fine lines uncovering smoother and softer skin. Your skin will look amazingly revitalized in just one day.

For all skin types.

Best used before 2 years from date of Manufacture

Active Ingredients: Extracts of sage, cornflower, sugarcane, apple, grapes and pure essential oils of peppermint, orange and lavender.

Directions: Apply onto face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Gently massage it off. Rinse thereafter.

Price: Rs. 60 for 60 ml.

Pros: Deconstructing the ingredients list, Sage has antiseptics properties while cornflower is used for treating wrinkles as well as dark circles due to its anti inflammatory, astringent and soothing properties. Apples are used to treat sunburn and also to tone and tighten skin. Grapes are high in anti oxidants and therefore considered to be anti ageing.

Peppermint oil has a cooling effect on the skin and is used for treating oily skin and in improving dull skin texture. Orange essential oil is high in vitamins C & A, used to treat acne, for exfoliation, to tighten pores and treats eczema. Lavender is antiseptic, used to treat inflammations and acne, and improves blood circulation. Sugarcane provides AHAs.

This is very easy to use. The clear gel is completely soaked in by the skin and you cannot even feel that you have applied it on your face except for the peppermint smell. 

The exfoliation brought about by this gel is very gentle and is good for daily use. In fact I don’t think that many benefits would be observed if this were not to be used daily. 

It did make my skin softer and clearer, also it did help out in toning. This also has a cooling effect on the skin and feels great to use after a day spent out in the hot sun, it feels light and is a great alternative during summers to thicker clay packs for oily skin.

Cons: Unlike what it claims, my skin did not feel ‘amazingly revitalized in just one day’ or for that matter after 5 days of use. It does not aid in removing blackheads to a very large extent, I would say about 15% reduction which is not great considering that this was the reason behind me buying the product. Considering the strong ingredient list I expected more from this product.

Will I buy this again: Yes.  

Even though it did not serve the purpose for which it was bought (read Blackhead removal), it was effective in softening and cleansing my skin. It is also a very gentle exfoliator and does not dry out the skin as much as other exfoliating packs do. It is a good product to use after spending the entire day out in dust and pollution and is extremely non fussy in application. Also the fact that it has all herbal ingredients makes me less apprehensive to use it daily.


  1. Hi Simran,

    Nice to meet you here. Good review and I loved the way you did an ingredient by ingredient explanation. You sisters really have a research gene running is it :-)

    I have tried this product and as you said, not much of help in the blackheads area, but found it good otherwise.

    Their Mineral Scrub is much more useful in blackhead removal and very gentle too with a very minty fresh fragrance.

  2. Hi Poornima!

    Thks a lot for your appreciation :-D.. I really enjoy reading your blog too and appreciation from you means a lot - especially since you are my first commenter :-D

    I agree, the prdt is good, but not much useful for blackheads.

    I will try out the mineral scrub you have recommended, thks for the recommendation. :-)

  3. Hey Simran, great review! T was right, u do write well :). I have not tried many of Aroma Magic's stuff. The sugarcane in this particular product is tempting me though.
    And Tanveer u nailed it with the template. This time it is 'The One' (at least for me) :D


  4. ok i am loving the new blog temp, its looks much much girly and pretty :)

  5. Wow!!

    Simran, I never knew some of my silent readers :-) Thanks for the appreciation.

    @Tanvi : hey totally forgot to comment on your template yaar. good one.And you have brought in the much requested colours too :-)

  6. great post simran! you do write quite well. you should be a regular here.
    i quite like the new template. the sentences aren't spread out all over. keep it up!

  7. Hi Simran,

    I first time used blossam coacher sunscreen when i use to go for swimming and trust me it is the best sunscreen i came across but only when you want to swim .

    Never tried any other product of it as I stopped having black heads problem by trying out few herbal remedies.
    But must say you really write well and must come with other post in near future:)

  8. Hey Tanveer.. nice blog makeover.. girly n pink.. im lovin it...

    @Simran : So good to have u hear.. i always like Tanveers makeup reccos but due to our different skin types i cudnt connect to her at skincare level that much.. though i wud have loved to have her type of skin non oily and non sensitive... but since we have the same skin type id be glad if ur guest posts become a regular feature here.. :)

  9. Hey Simran..that was a good post. you write as well as Tanveer does...
    I have not tried aroma magic products yet but i did buy the tea tree oil yesterday to add in face packs.
    Also checked out the jojoba oil. It costs 675/- for 120 ml. I thought it was a tad too costly..
    So wanted to know Tanveer's or your opinion before purchasing... have u tried it??is it worth the price?? If yes...pls tell me the different ways in which I can use it.


  10. @ Cynthia: Thanks so much!!Evn I bought this coz of the ingredients!!

    @ Poornima: U r so welcome!!

    @ Rima: Thank you so much!!

  11. tee hee .. Thats exactly my skin !!
    I am glad you posted , simmie !!

    I love BK peppermint exfol gel. It makes my skin feel clean without the drying effect . The best of all , the price .. totally inviting !
    agreed that it dont help much in removal of blackheads but I have tanny's LUSH homemade recipe to take care of that :)

  12. @ Anamika: Thank you so much!!I have not tried their sunscreen..Bt I know that u get so much more tanned when swimming!!..will try to post soon!

    @ Sarah: Glad u liked this template.Tanveer changed due to request frm ppl to brighten out things!!

    @ Priyanka: Thanks a lot! Our diff skin types was one of the reasons y Tanveer wanted me to put up a post- She wanted a perspective for her readers with an oily skin type too!

    @ Swati: Thank u!!I think Tanveer would be able to help u out wid jojoba oil..I think she has used it n knows cheaper alternatives..

  13. @ Palak: Thanks!!I know!!Its really gentle n ya very cheap too!!Homemade remedies do things dat sometimes cosmetic prdts can't!!

  14. Hi simran, my pleasure meeting u :) did u know whos nagging ur sister for everything, lately? Its me, Divija the great :)

    What are you addicted to, Simran? Ur sister likes blushes, na...wats with u? why not be a tough competetor to ur sis?

    Nice review, u really write well like ur sis said! I assume u dont have a blog now...correct me if i am wrong :)

    very thoughtful of ur sis and u to write this post....very practical...

  15. @CZ: Thks :).. Spent like 2 hours picking & choosing. I wanted to keep a balance b/w color & clean white lines. Glad u liked it, coz yr own blog is so pretty!

    @Poornima: Thks. Glad u like the template :)

    @Rima: Thks. :D.. Am pretty sure after reading all your lovely comments Simran will be a regular here :D

  16. @Priyanka: Thks :D

    @Swati: Thks :D

    I do use jojoba oil regularly.. I did check out the BK one but I too found it expensive - so i instead bought a local brand - ESP Aromatherapy from the ayurvedic chemist close to my place. They tend to have such oils with them, & i found it to be quite fine.. You could try out a local ayurvedic store yourself. :D

  17. @Swati: I'll do a more detailed post on Jojoba oil to answer your queries :)

    @Divs: U don't nag me for anything :D.. Thks for all the kind words & support :-D

  18. Aww that's uber-cute. I think Simran should contribute more often..that way you can cover a wide-range of products.

    Great review, in fact I could learn a thing or two :)

  19. Lavanya Narayanan29 March 2010 at 15:15

    Hey Simran,

    Nice Revu. I also use BK's Peppermint Exfol gel. I would say that it is not that great an exfoliator but acts more like a cooling mask. I like the way it softens and brightens the skin.

    Hey Tanveer,

    Thanks for the posting the revu . Your new template is awesome. Looking forward for more of Aroma magic products revu :)

  20. @Lavanya: Yr most welcome! I am glad u like the template :)

    We will try to review more AM products in the future :)

  21. Hey nice post SImran. I have always liked Aroma Magic products. Mainly because they have no harmful chemicals so you don't have to put im too much brains into using them. Looking forward to read more posts from you.

    And Tanveer, for some reason I always had this feeling that Simran was either your friend or sister. :D I loved the template myself. It's bright and lively. :)

  22. Thanks Tanveer...will wait for the post on jojoba oil...n will check in ayurvedic shop :)


  23. Hey T..

    I love the colors used.. they really pop out :)

    Even I was looking of some sort of scrub to get rid of black heads for a long time now. Still looking :) I would rather live with them than getting rid of them in the parlour, its just too painful for me.

    And T I need your help with eye shadow palette. I was looking for an eye shadow palette in India like this one from Coastal Scents ( I want to experiment with colors and I thought having them in a same palette would be great then buying each color individually. Are there any similar to this around? Thought Coastal Scents ship internationally, it would cost me two grand. :(

  24. @Rati: Thks. Glad u liked the template :)

    @V: Long time :D

    Glad u like the colors splayed out on the blog :)

    About the palette - yea, if you are on an experimentation spree on colors, palettes are always more cost effective. I have heard a lot of gr8 things about coastal scents (but haven;t tried it)

    As far as I know other than MAC & Inglot - no other brands offer such big palettes. MAC & Inglot offer the option of selection so you can pick and choose the colors you want. But if that is expensive too for you, try local beauty stores that import stuff from abroad.

    I bought a 100 color pallete for my sister last year for 800 Rs from Alfa. But this is an unknown brand. Actually if your total cost is Rs. 2000 and you are getting 88 colors - you are actually just paying Rs. 23 per color (which I think is a good VFM)

    If brand and quality matters to you - invest in the coastal scent one. Though you must do an analysis of what colors you use the most.

    Like such a palette will go waste on me because I will not use colors like red, orange, peach, light blues or light greens on a daily basis (they wld look awful in office and besides they don't look nice with my eyes, make me look sick - I like to call these my ugly colors. I generally prefer palettes in neutrals or browns). But if you will be able using these colors - then this palette is a good choice.

  25. I'm always around, T. Its just that I don't make my presence known :) I will make it point to drop a line, henceforth. In fact am surprised you remember me. :)

    Do you know even I wasn't in to bright colors until I saw this ( isn't that gorgeous? I can’t wait to try green.

    Do you have any idea of stores that retails imported stuff (like Alfa) in Bangalore?

  26. @V: Of course I remember u! I remember the names of almost all the ppl who comment on my blog. & I miss u guys when u disappear :)

    Yea, her eyes look amazing! Real pretty :D.. I get your motivation to get the palette now :D

    I don't know much about Bangalore - but I have a friend who stays there for recommendation. Let's see if she knows.

  27. Hey Simran,

    Nice post...though have a dry skin (actually combination ) but still am tempeted to try this product...

    and Tanveer Layout is really good good..:)


  28. @Shweta: I have tried this product myself. It is quite mild enough even for our combination skin - but don't expect a lot. It leaves the skin feeling fresh & soft - that is about it.

    Glad u liked the template. Spent like 2 hrs designing it on Saturday :P

  29. :) thanks.. I'm always drawn towards bright colors... Brighter the better. But green eye shadow is lil over the top I hope I don't end up looking like a zombie :P

  30. @V: No you won't. Just use small amounts first and experiment at home. I am sure u will look amazing in it.

  31. @ Divija: Thanks!!I hav read ur blog many times! Its very nice!!I like eye make up and lipsticks! Bt Blushes r a must when going all out!!

    @ Shivanixx:Thank u soo much!!

    @ Lavanya: I agree, Its good for softening n cooling the skin- makes it clearer..

    @ Rati: Thanks a lot!!

    @ V: Me is also very wary of the pain..will let u know if I find anything for blackheads!

    @ Shweta: Thanks a lot!!

  32. i have problem of black heads...can u plz tel me gud solution for it, without harming skin, or opning my nose pores.

  33. i love aroma magic mineral glow scrub ... i us twice a weak ... i leaves my skin crystal clear n soft ... amzing for blackheads .....

  34. i tried it bt is nt helpfull at ALL for blackheads...wl now try the mineral oil scrub

  35. i used it bt it ws nt helpfull in removing wl try the mineral oil scrub


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