Jergens All Purpose Face Cream - Review

What it claims: Deep Cleansing, Softening, Moisturizing.

Deep cleanses to remove makeup and dirt. Softens and moisturizes to help smooth skin and fight dryness. Provides a radiant, dewy base for makeup.

To use smooth generously all over face and throat. Leave overnight or remove with tissue.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Water, Beeswax, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (thickener), Sodium Borate (preservative), Fragrance, Isopropyl Myristate (thickening agent and emollient), Dmdm Hydantoin (antimicrobial), Red 4 (color).

Price: 6 oz (170 gms) tub costs Rs. 165/-

1. Very intense moisturizing. I leave a layer on my face before going to sleep and wake up to really soft skin. I sometimes even slather this on my feet (sadly, I neglect them a lot untill the dryness starts to hurt) and wear old cotton socks to bed, I always wake up to soft soft feet.

2. Deep cleansing: It melts all my make and seems to remove dirt from my pores. I have stopped using soap in the evening now (since the last 4 months) I usally deep cleanse twice with this. First to remove the makeup and superficial dirt, the second time to deep clean and moisturise. I have not got zits since I began using this and even if I do they go away within 24 hours - I don't need to do anything for the zit. Plus my pores seem to have gotten smalller and I also have fewer blackheads

3. Excellent makeup remover: I generally have most trouble with my Maybelline collosal volume mascara - but this cream takes it off like it were a layer of water. Just apply and let it rest for a minute before removing. And it didn't sting my eyes at all.

4. It smells nostalgic. Old school. In a good way, to me. Fragrances do tend to be personal though. This is pretty light pink thick cream.

5. Good value for money. You need very little of the cream so it lasts a long while. I have been using this for 4 months now and am barely halfway through the tub

6. Basic formula: As you can see, this does not have any fancy ingredients. Just an old school formula of water in oil emulsion of mineral oil, beeswax and water. The rest are preservatives.

Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant. According to, "Even after processing, beeswax still remains a biologically active product, retaining some anti-bacterial properties and also contains some vitamin A, which is necessary for normal cell development."

1. Very heavy: I love this cream. And my dry skin adores it even further. But my hubby who has oily skin hates the feeling of this thick cream on his face. He finds it too oily.

2. Takes a while to sink in: because this is so heavy, it does take a while to sink into my skin. But I am ok with the feeling of cream on my skin - as it is I use it just before going to bed.

3. Has Mineral oil as main ingredient: For those who are looking to avoid it, this might be no-brainer to avoid product. You can read my views on mineral oil here.

Will I buy this again: Yea. For sure.

I love this cream, it is truly all-purpose. It takes off makeup, deep cleanses, hydrates, moisturises and you can even use this on hands and feet. I have not used this as a base for dewy make up though (as the pack says) because I am a little bit scared that this might just be a tad oily for that. But otherwise it was love on first dab and it is till date. 
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  1. This sounds like a very nice cream, Taveer. Have not seen it in Delhi yet but I guess I will keep a look out for it now. Have no issues with mineral oil or heaviness of creams, thanks to my dry skin. SO I guess I must give this one a try. :)

    Btw I am not washing my eye and face brushes together from now!!

  2. This is something great for a lazy bug like me :) Wish my place has this once I am back...

    Removes mascara? something worth a try....

  3. Nice review Tanvi

    After reading your earlier post on evening cleansing regime, I started doing it with St.Ives collagen cream. I find it just ok, nothing like their scrub :-)

    Never tried Jergens-have seen them a lot in Dollar stores.

  4. @Rati: Frankly am worried, coz this cream does suit me well, and may break u out going by our past record. LOL :D... Pls do patch test first.

    Otherwise it is a very nice thick old school cream. Kind of like Ponds CC or Charmis.. I remember Palak had done a review on Jergens Body lotion so she may know where this range is available..

    & on the brushes! Gr8! :D :D..

  5. @Divs: Yea, it takes it all off - mascara, concealor, smudge proof eyeliner.. & it has never stung my eyes ever unlike other pesky cleansers. I am sure u'll find this :)

  6. @Poornima: U might want to be careful before getting this from dollar stores. I once got a pack of dove soaps that all turned out to be fake once I opened them..

    Here in Mumbai I get this at my local chemist just across my building. Alfa at Irla also stocks this.

    Have not used St. Ives yet. Not even their scrub. I guess i will once I finish my current lot.

  7. ohh i haven't seen jergens at any stores over here. however sify shopping stocks a few of its products. i think i'll love this cream!

  8. @Rima: I hope u do! This is a gr8 simple product for those with dry skin.

  9. Hey Tanveer,

    Have Himani Boroplus, Bioglow - 3 Jars, shall buy this now many products by the time I buy them I already want the to get over with so i can buy new stuff :)


  10. Sounds really good.I have a combination skin .will it work for me?

    and yes to remove mascara try Johnson baby nourishes your skin make whole make up gets removes easily.

  11. Oh..

    Thanks for the info Tanvi. I generally buy cleaning liquids from Dollar Store.Have seen so many skin care stuff, shampoos etc. But never bought. Good that you told me :-)
    Dove naam sunte hi..mujhe abhi grrrr...

    Your mention of Alfa brought back so many memories of Mumbai :-)

  12. @Shweta: LOL! U might want to finish off bioglow first :D.. I too feel the same way. They shd sell stuff in tiny tubes and bottles - not only will they be cheaper in case u don't like them, but they will also get over faster so that we can try all the brands we want to :D :D

  13. @Anamika: I think it shd work for you, I also have combination skin, but with really dry cheeks..

    Thks for the tip on baby oil. I prefer to use this as this too is mainly mineral oil. Plus it is way cheaper. baby oil for some reason doesn't suit my skin. It just sits on top.

  14. @Poornima: Alfa is like a landmark now.. Ppl from other cities also know about it.. I just love the place.. Now only if were not packed like a local train all the time :D

  15. My skin has suddenly become oily once again - its dilly dallying!!Maybe coz its summer-Not suitable for me!!
    I do like the 1950s style packaging though!!!

  16. @Simran: Maybe it is the heat.

    Frankly I read a lot of online reviews from people with acne - who claim that this product with all its oils actually cured them of it. You can read these at makeupalley.

    I like the packaging too! Makes me feel like I am buying a vintage cream - collector's item, some old long lost secret lotion :D

  17. I love Jergens moisturisers :)
    but seems that cream will be too much for my oily skin to handle :(

  18. @Palak: yet to try the body lotions. waiting for my TBS BB to get over first :)

    Yea, you might find this a little too oily :)

  19. i've managed to find jergens at quite a few stores in delhi! turns out they have been in stock for years! i guess i didn't pay too much attention earlier because i had not heard of the brand before reading this post!

  20. @Rima: Happens! :D.. I have had a similar experience with a lot of brands - never knew they existed until I stumbled upon them one day - and now I don't know how I survived without them :)

  21. I went into the Dollar General yesterday looking for Pond's Cold Cream to remove my makeup (mascara included) and saw the Jergen's all purpose and for $3.00 I thought I give it a shot. I LOVE IT!!!! I wear lenses and have sensitive skin and it worked GREAT! This morning I even used it on my neck and shoulders and on my feet and legs and it was wonderful. My skin looked so dewy. I decided to go on the internet to see the reviews and can't believe that other people are crazy about this product too. I've never even seen it before. What rock was I hiding under? I'll tell you something, I pray this cream is never discontinued because I plan on buying it from now on.

  22. BTW - forgot to say that I also put some on my lips before bed and they are baby smooth today.

  23. Wow! It is nice to see a all purpose cream here. Thanks for sharing the details. Liked it a lot. Keep posting interesting and more cool stuffs like the same.

  24. Somebody should do a review on Jergens winter cherry ... myyyyyyy fav moisturizer. It did wonders on my hyper pigmented and rock hard elbows ! It is supposed to be their old receipe ... couldn t find it in H&G these days but I still love the feeling it gave ... Instant softness with skin repair ... who would say no ?!

  25. Jergens All purpose face cream this sounds like a very nice cream, I prefer to use this as this too is mainly mineral oil. Plus it is way cheaper. Baby oil for some reason doesn't suit my skin. It just sits on top. I love this cream, it is truly all-purpose. It takes off makeup, deep cleanses, hydrates, moisturizes and you can even use this on hands and feet. It produced no such reaction on my skin, and I thought it was very hydrating and luxurious. Thank you so much.

    rosehip oils

  26. Is it still sold in India? I cant find it anywhere since more than a year now. Used to get it at Karol Bagh, Delhi. Can any one help? My whole family loved it.

  27. Do we still get it in India. I used to get it from Karol Bagh , Delhi. Dont get it there anymore. Where else can i find it now? Please help.


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