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Reader Vidhya had asked for some tips on how to use Jojoba oil.

In the world of herbal ingredients, Jojoba oil is the newest entrant and also famous as "liquid gold" for the skin. Although known as oil – this is actually liquid wax and its composition is very similar to sebum, the oil produced by our skin cells.  Because of this unique similarity, Jojoba has found uses in products meant for both oily and dry skin.
Dry Skin
It is applied directly to the skin to soften the skin, to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, to lighten and help heal scars, and to promote healthy scalp and hair.
When sebum production decreases due to age, pollutants, or environmental stresses, jojoba oil can be used to replace sebum oil.
DIY Tip: Add 3 -4  drops of jojoba oil to your rose water (50 ml) mister. Use to mist face during the day. This increases the hydrating capacity of the mist and provides regular moisturisation without being too oily. You can even add a few drops of glycerin. This is my favorite way of using this for my skin.
You can even add this to your day lotion to make a thicker cream for night. Sometimes I add a few drops of this to some light lotion like Biotique Morning Nectar or Himani Boroplus when I want to up its hydrating power (this is something I do very often, I tend to customize products with essential oils to suit me better)

Oily skin
When applied to the skin, jojoba oil has an amazing ability to regulate the level of sebum produced, resulting in healthy skin.

While this has not been scientifically proven it is possible that our body reacts to the presence of jojoba oil by adjusting its own production of sebum at a higher or lower rate as needed.

In any case Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic and helps cleanse pores, also it is much lighter and less “oily” than other oils making it a good option for oily skin.

DIY Tip: Massage a few drops of Jojoba oil on the face and neck for 10 minutes. Wash off excess with a mild soap. If you want you can even mix this with a drop of lemon juice – for antibacterial effect.
P. S. Jojoba oil is known to cause purging in some people as blocked pores open up and the toxins are thrown out. This is generally just temporary and can be controlled by using acne medication. It stops once the skin has been cleansed.
Hair care
Jojoba oil can accumulate around hair roots, thereby conditioning hair and preventing it from becoming brittle and dull. If there is too much sebum buildup on the scalp, it dissolves and removes the sebum, leaving the hair clean.
 Jojoba oil as a solubilizing agent can also remove sticky buildup on hair from hair preparations as well as airborne particulates deposited on the hair.
DIY Tip: Since Jojoba oil is a little expensive I use coconut oil (parachute) as my base. I add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil to a spoonful of Coconut. I also add a few drops of Aromamagic’s Hair fall Essential oil misture (has Rosemary and Patchouli) and apply and leave it overnight.

Other DIYs
1.      Make up remover: add a few drops on wet cotton ball and use to cleanse face.
2.      As a leave-in condition. Use as you would use Livon or any other hair serum

Purchase: Aromamagic has jojoba oil in its range – however it is a little expensive. Frankly I don’t know the reason for this – it could be that this oil has been extracted without the use of heat or chemicals thereby retaining nutrients. I am not sure though, this is just my analysis for the price. I haven’t tried it as well.
There was a brand ESP – They had a large range of oils, like coconut milk oil, almond oil. I got a 150ml bottle of jojoba oil pretty cheap at about 250 Rs. I cannot find this brand here, though, anymore. This oil is also easily available at all ayurvedic stores.

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  1. Thanks buddy :) yep last week I went to buy this in aroma magic...By seeing the price, I dint pick. Instead got wheat gram oil from aroma magic which I use it with coconut oil / vit E tablet (source: from your DIY Overnight face serum) and massage it in the night.

    I use biotique coconut cream and this oil alternate days..

  2. @Vidhya: Wheatgerm oil is really good too. Real high in Vit E - which is a natural antioxidant, so maybe you can skip the Vit E capsule and just use this wheatgerm oil mixed with coconut.

    That is just a suggestion though, you should do whatever is suiting your skin :)

    You have a nice routine and must have real soft skin because of all the nourishing oils :)

  3. Im more specific about night care regimen. This is what I follow daily.

    1. cleansing
    2. this one I included recently - aroma magic fair lotion - its more like a toner - I use this in the night time.
    3. apply biotique cream or any vit e oil
    4. aroma magic under eye cream
    5. castor oil to my eyebrows and eye lashes - my eye-brows are very thin
    6. moisturising cream / shea butter to hands /legs

  4. @Vidhya: So cool ya. I like your regime.

    Btw how do u find the Aromamagic fairy lotion for fairness. I had tried it in the past, I too used it as a toner, but I felt like it didn't do much for my skin (this was after I came back from kerala - burnt like toast)

  5. Just started using it from last week..I couldn't make any difference yet.But I would say, it makes my skin so cool once applied. I got this to mix it with aroma magic MILK PACK - Salesperson suggested me - this pack acts as a bleach - it has lactic acid - which removes tan ....her story continued ;) since the price was 100,i thought to give a try.

    main ingredient was dried eggs.when i applied the pack with fairy lotion - as the pack says - my face was brightened and it was clear too :). It last for only one day. My home made egg-oats pack was more effective than this...

    For immediate result - Yes it helps as a temporary bleach - which is free from chemicals.

    Im diverting from the topic I guess ;)

  6. Jajoba oil is one of my favorite.I generally mix it in my olive oil and then massage it on my hair.In winters i use to massage it on my face before going to bed.

    Great tips

  7. Thanks for the post--I've been very curious about Jojoba oil for my problem skin. It should potentially help with scarring too! (love the new layout BTW)

  8. i have never used pure oils/waxes/butters. i do use coconut and olive oil occasionally, but that's about it. after finding no solace in ready-made creams/lotions/moisturisers for my dry nose, i've got myself a tiny bottle of glycerine. so far so good! the flakiness has reduced quite a lot.
    by the way, i did manage to find jergens stuff in many stores across delhi. just didn't notice them earlier i guess!

  9. Nice post!!
    In a side comment, I like the name 'jojoba', don't like the name 'oil'!!

  10. Hey thats a damn cool post on jojoba oil.I"ve never used it before but am gonna use it for hair care..Thanks T!!!

  11. Nice post Tanvi.

    Jojoba oil is so damn good, esp when mixed with a base oil and a suitable EO.

    Btw, did you know that it is pronounced as Ho-Ho-Ba and not Jo-Jo-Ba?

  12. @Vidhya: Ohh.. thks for the mini review on Milk Pack from Aromamagic. The other day I was tempted by their Chocolate Pack. But I didn't get it though.

    Most Packs have this problem, with me at least, the glow just seems to last for a day or two.

  13. @Anamika: thks :)

    @Ashwini: Thks ;)... Glad u like the new layout :)

    @Rima: I can understand, I suffered from flakiness for a long time myself. Wow, u found Jergens! So cool, guess it was always there, just waiting to get noticed.

    @Simran: Thks :)

    @Gurpreet: Let me know if you like it for the hair.

  14. @Poornima: I know. I love mixing a drop or two with my Jergens cream for deep cleansing.

    & yea, I know about this Jojoba - Hohoba thing, but try going to a store in Mumbai & asking for it by "Ho ho ba" - you just get stares of bewilderment like you somehow related to Santa Claus or about to burst into an African dance.

  15. I know. In fact when I told my hubby about it, he too said the same thing. Luckily the guy who supplies to me knows the right pronounciation haha..and me being a pronounciation-intonation freak..that is such a relief :-)


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