My First Interview!!

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My first interview as a make-up blogger is up!

Divija was kind enough to do a paparazzi kind of interview with me and has posted it on her blog. You can read it here

A little bit about Divs: She is my "The Body Shop" expert. You got a doubt in body shop - ask her. I even went shopping to the sale only after a long chat with her and eating her brains out on what to get.

She is a sweetheart and is always willing to help. She is also very patient :-D

Thks Divs! Hope you guys enjoy reading it...
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  1. God, tanvi! U r full of praises! Will never forget you in my life coz u r the first soul to find me patient enough! Mom says a girl has to be very patient like Mother Earth!

    Thnq for calling me Body Shop expert :) I like that sound! U ate my brains? Wrong analysis! I did suck out ur grey matter, literally chasing u for the session!

    I like the invisible promotion u did to my blog :)

  2. @Divs: Yr most welcome Divs :D

    I enjoyed doing the interview.. I just hope now tht others enjoy reading it too :P :P

  3. Ohh!! you two women are really bonding well...Tanveer I must say your husband is lucky to have you:)..You look really pretty.

  4. @Anamika: Thks a lot :D :D

    I am very lucky to be married to Pranay. He is so understand and adorable. I don't think I cld have found anyone better for me than him :D

  5. Tanveer really enjoyed reading your interview.
    thanks to Divija for taking the initiative.

  6. @Ani: Thks a lot :D Glad u enjoyed it..

  7. forgot to mention.
    you looking gorgeous man.. love your eyes.

  8. @Ani: Thks a lot... :D

    The color of my eyes is nice but also poses a bit of a problem... can't wear kajal or black eyeliner - they start looking pale grey.. :D

    But thks for the compliments :D.. even i like them. They used to be light blue when i was younger.. got them frm my dad. They changed color over time to the current green-grey. :D

  9. HOO really..
    so you are lucky to have different shades of eye with out using a lens. even my grandfather was having grey eyes but he didnt give it to any of us.:(

  10. @Ani: Yea, a lot of ppl mistakenly think I wear lenses.

    Maybe yr kids might get them.. these things sometimes skip a few generations :D :D

  11. I just read that !
    yu look truly gawjus !!
    oh my ! how I love this kinda posts from divi .. I hope one day she'll care to post her pic .. I am dying to see her :DD

  12. Thanks for the interview. It was fun and informative reading it. Thanks to you both, the interviewer and interviewee.. :-)

  13. Hey Tanveer.....Gr8 interview and you look awesome!!!! glad to finally see the face behind ATB


  14. @Palak: Thks a lot sweetie :D... I too hope tht Divs does post her pic also soon.. & Palak why don't u too do a similar interview with Divs - she is always lemming for her nxt bakra :D :P

    @Clipped in: Thks a lot for reading it :D

    @HD: Thks so much... Now you can recognize me if we both happen to be shopping at the same time at beauty centre. :D

  15. Hey! Bakra??? What on Earth does that mean?

    I now hurt :(

    Did I ever say that to anybody? I treated u like

  16. @Divs: Didn't mean it in a bad way.. sorry.. didn't mean to offend. Said it in jest :(


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