Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Dragon Fruit

Hey All,

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. Was a little but busy with office and some home work (LOL)..

I was at the chemist on Monday, just picking up some regular tabs, when I passed the Nivea Lip Balm counter.. & I did a double take. "What is this thing in pink?"

It was Nivea Lip Balm Fruity Shine in Dragon Fruit.  Now you all know how much I liked the other Nivea Lip balms. So I had to get this. & I did.

This lip balm is pretty pink in color, with shimmer! Unlike Cherry (Fuchsia Pink) and Strawberry (Red) - this is pink and is infused with lots of shimmer. It is also much glossier than the other two.

The review will come up in week - after I have tested this through & through.


  1. Haha...

    Even I was wondering..You mentioned in the post as Nivea and the label reads Labello.

  2. @Poornima: They are both the same product - only sold by different brand names globally. There is some problem in my PC.. The other day I was getting error msgs in chinese!

  3. yay! i can comment now :P My strawberry one is soon gettoing over will wait for its review.

  4. i am more of body shop lip balm fan.Will wait for your review so that i can think about it.

    Missed your post yesterday.By the way how do you manage to write post in office?

  5. babe
    my auntie is coming over from india and wants to know if there's anything i'd going to say nivea lip balms but is there anything else you can think of?

  6. well i mean recommend lol...indian stuff you like

  7. @Rati: Glad u can comment now. :D.. They both are different tints. Cherry is more red. This is pink. Will put up review soon :)

  8. @Anamika: I have not tried any TBS lip balm so I can't compare. But I love these babies from Nivea :)

    I don't write from office. I generally make my posts over the weekend - at least the drafts. I reach office about 30 mins early than official timing (margin time - u have to have this in mumbai traffic) so i refine the posts then and put them up. As it is it doesn't take me more than 30 mins per post, but that too is a lot hence that is the reason why I just do one post per day and don't do swatches. :)

  9. @Simpleelegance: So cool, I am sure you'll love these lip balms. Other stuff.. just giving you a list - choose whatever sounds nice to you

    1. Colorbar eyeliners - I glide (they have 5 colors - brown, green, blue, black and purple)Rs. 325/-
    2. Maybelline's new studio eyeliners - the grey and green one is nice - Rs. 200
    3. Colorbar's blushes - I like Plum Brown, but other shades are good too :) - Rs. 250 /-
    4. Colorbar lipsticks - Bare & Irish Rose (I really like these two - both are cool pink toned) Rs. 200/-

    This is all I could think of right now. Other stuff like Tinted moisturisers & all I am sure are much better where u live.

    If I think of something else - I let u know. Also if you want something in a particular category let me know.

  10. thank you lover xx

  11. But truly speaking i feel you put your heart into it.:)

  12. @Anamika: That is so sweet! I do enjoy doing this, and I do the best I can. That comment really touched my heart Anamika. Thks a lot. :)

    It means a lot to me. :D

  13. shimmer? oh wow! i bet this product looks awesome on you. somehow i feel it will suit you really well!
    and inspired by the cleanliness of your three column blog, i have made mine so as well. :) thanks.

  14. Yipee!!!!So glad they r introducing more shades!!I hope its a nice and fun colour!!

  15. btw is the maybelline one a gel eyeliner?

  16. @Rima: Yea, its got shimmer - but just a hint. So far it is looking very natural on me. Even more than cherry. It is the exact same tint as my pigmented lips.

    So cool! Glad u liked the layout and adopted a similar one yourself. Will def chk it out :)

    @Simran: I'll get it over today for you to chk it out! Even I am happy they are getting more shades. i really like this prdt :)

    @SE: Maybelline hasn't launched its gel liners yet. These are pencil liners.

  17. This sounds so NICE! I have tried strawberry n cherry..they are ok but didn't like them enough to buy them again. Might try this one though if the flavor is yummy :)


  18. I haven't really tried it yet, but I know dat it has got 2 b gud, after all it is Nivea.
    And the pink color is just so attractive, and the shine makes me go gaga over it!
    But I don't know from where 2 get it from!

  19. hey wat tint does cherry and strawberry fruity shine lip balms give....and the pomegranate which one is redder????

    and does any1 has any idea of a lip bam giving peachish tint???


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