In-Grown Hair and Razor Bumps- Tips to Prevent & Cure

A long time ago, reader Swati had asked for a post on In-Grown Hairs.

I dithered coz frankly I have never suffered from this problem, and was wondering from where should I source the advise?

Over the weekend as I was browsing through the KISS Guide to Beauty (review coming soon) - I read this:

Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. It generally appears in areas that have been waxed or shaved.

To avoid Ingrown Hair:

1. Exfoliate thoroughly to remove all dead cells, as too much dead skin or blocked pores can make hair grow sideways (I don't understand why, but then lets carry on).

My tip: You can use The Body Shop's Bath Gloves to exfoliate the body, or else use any old apricot scrub or rustle up one at home. Just mix equal amounts of sugar granules with honey and rub the body thoroughly. Wash off with warm water.

2. Apply a BHA (Salicylic Acid) containing solution to the skin to remove dead cells and exfoliate

My Tip: You can use a solution like Garnier Light Toner - that has salicylic acid to exfoliate or else just make an aspirin solution (dissolve an aspirin tablet in 3-4 spoonfuls of water) at home and apply all over arms and legs. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off when dry. Aspirin is nothing just salicylic acid.

Do a 24 hour patch test always before doing any home remedies and use sunscreen when using BHA treatments as they make you more prone to sunburn! Aspirin does not suit all and can cause sensitive skin to break out in rashes. Please take all necessary precaution.

And if you have already got Ingrown Hair

1. Use any acne medication (that has benzoyl peroxide) - face wash, cream et al on the offending bumps to reduce the redness and pain (if any).

Do you have any special methods of dealing with In Grown Hair?


  1. I frequently experience ingrowns and whats more pehle I used to pinch it ( Yeeks , I know) that has resulted in slight brown marks on my legs :(
    Now I have started using benzoyl peroxide , adalapene gel ,salicylic acid , Once a week I exfolitae using the same sugar+Honey concotion . Actually you covered everythin !
    Great post
    P.S- Regarding that brown spot , I am usin the Fab India De-pigmentation cream..Lets see if it also works wonder for me ,just like it did for Rati !

  2. Thank God i don't suffer from this problem ...But using Asprin on hand and legs is a great idea. Infact I am feeling it now only as I used it on my face and my face just brightens up every time i use it.

  3. This is a very useful tip(Aspirin) is it available over the counter without the medication slip?

  4. Er..Eww. I had a friend to whom this happened once and it used to pain her like anything, she was taking medication frm her doctor for that..So really useful for those ppl..

  5. I used to have this problem of ingrown hair earlier. my parlour woman told me it was because I used to use razor for hair removal. It's been more than 4-5 years that I have strictly stuck to waxing and now I don't have this problem. Honestly I don't know how my ingrown hair problem got solved. May be that I started taking care of my body more than before or that I dropped the razor completely.

    Liked the post. :)

  6. I too this problem of ingrown hair, thanks for the tips Tanveer.....I am going to use all of them.

  7. @Palak: I didn't know pinching them left marks since I don't get them.. I hope the depig cream works for you :D

    @Anamika: It is a good and economical pick me up for the hands & legs :D

    @Vintage: Yup, you can get asprin without a prescription.

    @Simran: I know! They are very painful apparently. Ouch!

    @Rati: Even I have heard that shaving makes one more prone to ingrown hair. I use Braun Silkepil. Thanks.

    @Jomol: I hope it helps :D

  8. Hey Tanveer, just discovered this post! Really useful info, thanks for the tips :) I use a razor on my underarms and legs and am really getting fed up with it and the issues it creates. Can you give me some more info on the Braun Silk Epil. or better yet, could you post about it?? Thanks a million, love ur blog!!

  9. @Mani: sorry for the late reply.. I have a very old model of Braun Silkepil - around 8 years old and it is still as good as new. I'll do a mini post on it for you. I am sure the newer models are even better :)

  10. Hi,

    Could you do the Barun Silkepil post soon? Been waiting for it. Is it better (and quicker) than shaving/waxing?

    Thanks...great job with the blog :)


  11. I have a huge ingrown hair problem. Im yet to find a solution to it :(
    The only thing which works a bit is exoliating like crazy 2-3 days before you go to wax..


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