Jordana Powder Blushes - Review

What it claims: Color-true tints for cheeks. Face looks youthful & refreshed. Accentuates, sculpts & contours. Velvety-smooth formula blends easily.

Price: Rs. 149/- for 2.2 Gms (If you get these from New Beauty Centre, you will get additional 20% off)

Shades available: 

Sandalwood (Matt peach pink) - my favourite of the lot. Medium in pigmentation, it is a very natural looking color and because you need a few swipes for it to show - even a newbie can use this without going overboard. Does not need a lot of buffing. Will suit most skin tones

Bronze (Coppery Bronze with a pearlcent reflective look)

Cocca (Plum Brown Matt): Planning to get this once my Colorbar Plum Brown finishes.

Redwood: (Cool Pink Red with Pearl reflective color): basically a cool toned red with very diffused shimmer in red - highly pigmented. Needs to be buffed and blended well. This is a very one of a kind color and I haven't seen this in other ranges.

Stardust (Golden Peach) - didn't get this coz it won't go with my skin tone but would look lovely as a bronzer on someone warmer

Tawny Beige (Bronzy Rose): Another one of my favourites. Looks very natural. Pigmented.

Terracotta (Warm Apricot shade matt): a matt light brown shade that I use for when I doing a strong eye or lip look.

Sienna (Light Matt Neutral Brown): again great for just a neutral look.

Sunlit Bronze: (Warm Natural Peach with Shimmer): A nice bronzer for those with warm undertones

Toast (Brown Beige Matt)

I have 5 of these: sandalwood, redwood, terracotta, tawny beige & sienna

1. Very wide range of shades to choose from. They have over 8 shades to choose from. (Internationally, they have launched about 17 colors). The shades are all lovely variations of pinks, peaches and bronze. And a lot of them are matt, but not flat (I don't like sparkly blushes, those with shimmer- just a personal preference)

2. The texture is very smooth and the blush is fine milled. Even the blushes that do have shimmer (like Redwood) - the shimmer is so fine and diffused that you don't see particles of it stuck to the skin, it is a very very diffused glow.

3. Highly pigmented (except for Sandalwood - this requires a some amount of layering), they have long staying powder.

4. The price! after the discount they cost me like Rs. 120 for one. I just love such bargain hunts!

5. They didn't break me out or react badly to my skin.


1.Ok, here's one for the numerically inclined. This costs 120 for 2.2 gms, so effectively Rs. 55 per gm. Colorbar costs Rs. 250 for 6 gms so effectively Rs. 40 per gm. Colorbar is cheaper, but I would rather get two different blushes in the same price even if they are lesser in quantity.

2. No ingredient list.

3. Not everyone may like the packaging: round silver pot, with see through screw on lid. Also there is no brush or mirror with this. (I couldn't care less, I am not so much into packaging)

Will I re-purchase: Do I need to answer this?

If you are looking for a good quality, no frills blush, in loads of colors, at a budget price this is a good bet ladies. I really like these blushes, sold in a silver pot with a screw on lid, they may not have the best looking packaging around, but if you are willing to compromise on that then these are really, really nice.
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  1. wow!! so many color at such amazing prize...You can even by all of them:D

    Can any one tell me where can i get them in Noida ?

  2. I hope I can find these somwhere in Delhi :) I'm looking for a light peachy-pink so I'd love to try sandalwood if I find it here :D

  3. @Anamika: I know! I just love these blushes, they are good quality and very easy on the pocket too! I don't know about Noida - maybe some other reader can oblige.

  4. @Ki: Sandalwood is my fav. of the lot. A very very pretty color! I hope u do find these in Delhi :D

  5. I posted and blogger ate my comment. Here it is again. I am not giving up. :P

    Haven't seen them in Delhi yet. They sound so nice and are easy on pocket as well. I like the products that finish up soon. I get a reason to buy new ones. :P Like how terracotta sounds. :)

  6. Lavanya Narayanan10 April 2010 at 03:08

    Hey Tanveer,

    Sounds interesting... Is the pic shown above, the Sandalwood shade ? Not sure if I get it in chennai... Mmmm lemme try out

  7. Lavanya Narayanan10 April 2010 at 03:14

    But am a li'l apprenhensive about using blushes since I somehow feel dat it accentuates my acne scars :(. Blushes are great only on even skin tone. So I resist the temption to get blushes. But really feel like trying out this one

  8. Wow!These are so cheap
    I didn't know about this's always good to read your posts.Hope to get this in Delhi.
    One they stay for long?

  9. I too have sandalwood (U got it 4 me!!)- it is soo natural that I have to work it up rather than tone it down as is the case with other blushes- this one hardly shows if u put on a teeny amt- like u said gr8 for newbies- also cheap compared to all the others available!!

  10. This is a new brand to me...Have not seen them here.

  11. @Rati & Poornima: I think this is available only in Mumbai as of now.

    @Lavanya: The pic is of Redwood. Generally tints tend to accentuate scars, but powder does not. If you have a lot of scarring, it will be better to use a concealer first to even out the skin, so that the powder does not settle in the scars. You can wear blush even if you have uneven skin tone - as long as you use the correct foundation and concealer to make a good base.

  12. @Yuvna: They stay on for upto 3-4 hours if you stay indoors or in a cool dry environment.

    Mumbai is a very humid city so if you are going to out in the sun - no powder blush will last even 30 mins. Only Cream or tint blushes can be worn outside.

  13. Definately gonna check this out soon....I have been wanting to buy a blush in natural pink tone....u think Sandalwood would be the best choice?

    I love the price and the fact that the packaging is less which means not long before I am done with it and ready to buy new stuff!!


  14. @HD: Sandalwood is a very neutral pink color, it shd suit all - & it is very light as well.

    They have a ton of colors at the counter - I too just love the brand - the prices allow you to play and experiment without breaking your bank balance, and the lesser quantities mean it gets over before it gets spoilt :D

  15. hey tanveer...any other shade you think would be more of natural pink?? i will definately check out all the colors at the counter..


  16. @HD: Hmm... jordana has more natural brown shades that pink ones - but even tawny beige is a pink shade :)

  17. When u r at the counter you are really confused as to which one will look gud on u..cos all the colors r so close to each other...i hv one in coral sandy beach & i love it !!!

  18. Oh my!!! These sound WONDERFUL!!! I wonder if I can get them in Kolkata...


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