Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub - Review

What it claims: This face and body scrub takes away layers of dulling cells and black heads.Cleans pores and makes skin look fresh and glowing. The skin appears lighter, smoother and looks healthier.Also removes fine lines and wrinkles.It increases blood circulation.Helps to regenerate new cells.

Directions: Apply onto face and body After 10 minutes, massage and wipe off . Rinse off.

Ingredients: Corn, Almond, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Citrus extracts, trace elements of Zinc, Calcium & pure essential oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary, Thyme & Lavender.

Price: Rs. 80 for 60 gm tube

1. This is by far the most gentle exfoliating scrub I have used till date. The exfoliant in this is a salt, it is very fine and granulated. Kind of like how a home made salt scrub would feel on the skin.
2. It leaves my skin baby soft. I was totally not expecting this. My skin is so soft after use, I can't stop touching it
3. Does not dry out the skin at all.
4. It seems to have helped cleanse my pores out. My skin is not feeling so dry these days and in fact since I began using this, I feel like my skin has normalised in terms of oil production
5. There are no instructions on how often we can use this. I use this every morning, in place of face wash and have not had any problems.
6. The price: good 60 grm sturdy tube for 80 bucks (I actually got this for Rs. 66 from Beauty Centre coz of the discount running there)
7. The packaging: No dipping fingers in tubs. A nifty squeeze tube that is easy to use.

1. The color, the smell, all remind me of my old chemistry lab from college. The color is a light green, very similar to the zinc salts I would be handed out for testing, and the upper notes do have a slight lemony scent, but that soon goes away to leave behind a lingering zinc-y smell. It is not offensive, but it is not the best smell either to linger on your face

Will I repurchase: The smell, not withstanding, yes I will. I don't have that sensitive a nose and for the amazingly soft baby skin I am willing to indulge in a little nostalgia from my BSc days. This is an amazing, extremely gentle scrub and I love the way my skin feels post this.

PS: They claim you can also use this for the body. I haven't done that, too madly in love with my TBS Bath Gloves & St Ives Vanilla wash. So Won't be able to comment on how it fairs for body skin.


  1. I'm happy with St. Ives for now but I don't think that's gentle enough for everyday - will try this! :)

  2. Sounds really interesting Tanveer...Will give it a try:)

  3. I use this too. very affordable!!
    This reminds me that I need to repurchase it !

  4. Sounds good... Aroma magic is making a lot of people very happy....

  5. I love the prices of bk products and they wrk just amazingly well. This one sound good. :)

  6. In my shopping list!! Thanks.


  7. Hey! just discovered your blog..You are doign a gret great job..I have been using this scrub for past five years and let me assure you it is the most amazing..totally gentle on the skin & does an amazing exfoliating job. Good to use atleast 2-3 times a week, if not daily. And trust me, after using this you won't complain about the color and the smell.

  8. I also use this well on mah dry skin

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  10. I also use this well for mah dry skin

  11. Even I used this well for mah dry skin

  12. @Ki: Thks :).. I have heard a lot about St Ives scrub as well. havn't used it yet. Why don't u do a review on it :D

    @Anamika & Pooja: Thks! I hope u like it too!

    @Palak: I love the prices for these prdts. They deliver and don't cost the earth.

    @Mrunmayee: Yea, AM is making my skin happy :)

    @Rati: Thks, I hope u like it.

    @Shoppaholic: I hope u enjoy it as well!

    @Sovina: Hey! Thks a lot for the appreciation. Really means a lot to me! You have been using this for 5 years! I didn't even know about this brand then.. Thks for sharing your opinion with us. At least now we know that this works wonders even in the long term!

    @Yuvna: Thks :).. Glad it worked out for you :)

  13. Hav got it- will try it out today (if time permits...)..will let u know hw it was!!!

  14. i m also using this .. its gr8..experience!!

  15. Okay I will give a try...I have yesterday purchased aroma magic's turmuric cleanser...will post the review after sumday :)

  16. does it removes blackheads??


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