Budget Beauty at Home - Toners

Beauty has a price? Not true.

You don't need expensive serums & portions to look good, just take a peep into your fridge and you'll find stuff that will naturally beautify you and also save some monies. I thought I'll kick off this series with toners, as they are the easiest and simplest to make.

Toner: Looking to save some pennies. Just take half a cup of chilled water, add a few drops of
  • lemon juice (if you have oily or acne prone skin or tanned skin)
  • honey (if you have dry skin)
  • single crushed slice of cucumber (great in summer months) - for closing pores
  • Slice of tomato (crush well and strain before use) - great for oily skin and tanned skin. 
  • Jojoba oil  - for very dry skin. 
  • Mint leaves - boil few mint leaves in water. Chill & use - excellent for oily, acne prone skin & during summers to cool down sun-burnt skin.
And use as you would have used your regular toner.

Since these are natural toners without preservatives, you will have to make small batches & refrigerate them to prevent spoilage.
Do you make toners at home? what are your recepies?


  1. Juust cold water itself is good enough :)

  2. My facourite one is green tea toner after cucumber both are so refreshing:)

    Nice post as usual:)

  3. I like fab India tea tree toner,Oriflame mint and green tea and plain old rose water plus glycerine .
    Chilled ":D

  4. I have never used a toner... :) i exfoliate and moisturize and stop... do u use one regularly? Does it make a difference?

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  6. i don't have the energy or motivation to make anything at home. your diy tips are great though. when i'm out of toner, i merely spritz my face with ice cold water.

  7. I use honey and lemon for different seasons. Don't use them regularly though...too lazy :)


  8. Hey! Nice one!!
    Will definitely be trying one of these out!!

  9. i use honey & lemon quite often...lemon for cleaning/toning & honey for moisturizing..both work very well for my skin...plus they are easy to apply..thanks for the superb tips & i completely agree that home recipes are great way to beautiful skin :)


  10. I should have tried the mint thing in summers..and so easy to make too.

  11. @Ki: I agree! :D

    @Anamika: I like cucumber toner. They feel really nice after a hot day in the sun :)

    @Palak: Nice selection :D

    @Anks: No I don't use a toner regularly. I tend to carry rose water with me as I get sun burnt quite easily and have some toner at home to cool my skin when I come back from a day in the hot sun. For some people toners help reduce the appearance of pores, for me it is just a cool treat. Toners don't really make that much of a difference in your skin, IMO, and using them is just a matter of personal prefernce.

  12. @Rima: Good enuf :D

    @Yuvna: I sometimes use honey and lemon together as a pack - makes skin supersoft :D

    @Simran: Thks :)

    @Sovina: Me too! I love honey and lemon myself for skin care. Easy to get access too, and they do wonders for the skin :)

    @Rads: Maybe next summers now :D

  13. I like to use ice and tomato slices on my face. Work well. But I am mostly lazy so like ready made ones.

    Nice tips. :)


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