Make Up in the Rains

It has been raining, nay, pouring here in Mumbai for the last week. The weather is amazing, the winds are gusty and I am loving every minute of it even though I have gotten drenched everyday in the last 3 days - either while on my way to office or back home. I still think the rains are fab.

The weather around is a pale grey, everything looks deary and even at 2 pm it looks like it is 7 pm in the evening. Despite the watery hurdles, I still enjoy 'making up' my face for the day.

Below are some of the tips that come in handy for me during the rains for daily make up

1. Lots of women carry makeup to their office during the rains and apply it once they reach. This is a good option to ensure that your make-up never faces the wrath of the Rain God.

2. No Foundation for me: I skip foundation, base, concealer during the rains. No point really. I just use a good moisturiser as base. That's it.

3. Eye Make up: I trust only Maybelline Mascaras for the monsoon. The waterproof version never bleeds or smudges. Even transparent mascaras are great for monsoons. They set your lashes nicely with no danger of a color run-out.

For liners it has got to be water & smudge resistant - like Colorbar or even Bourjois Clubbing Contour Liner both are fab and stay fresh the entire day.

4. Cheeks: The high humidity in the air means that powder compositions don't work as well. Use mousse or cream or gel based blushes. They will stay on longer. NYX, Jordana, MaxFactor, MAC and Maybelline have cream blushes. For tints - The Body Shop & Bourjois.

I prefer to retire my pink peach blushes from the summer during monsoons and dig out my red & berry blushes. I like that intense, deep flash of color on my face during the dull, grey day. Something's gotta brighten up my day! That of course is just my style. You should do what you feel comfortable using.

5. Lips: No gloss girls, no gloss. The humidity in the air is gonna hit the gloss and turn it into sticky glop or worse just wash it off. Not Nice. I prefer lipsticks and lipbalms.

And just like my blushes, I retire my matt bare nudey summery pinks and dig out my creamy reds, berry & plum shades. I am digging Revlon Colorstay these days. :-)

If you need something very long lasting - try lipliners to fill in the lips. Lakme Glide On has some good liners, only they tend to make the lips feel a little dry.

6. Carry with you: A hand cream with you, my hands feel a little dry during the rains (I guess because of the wet-dry-wet routine) and also a tiny bottle of Lacto Calamine - it is very useful for removing eye make up that has smudged and well as to quickly moisturise and set a base for the face if needed.

7. In case it smudges: Dip one end of a tissue or napkin in Lacto calamine and run it underneath your eye to catch all the smudged mascara and liner and clean it up.

For blush, start with a clean slate. Don't try to repair. It will look worse. Just wipe off with tissue, use Lacto Calamine to set an oil free base and start again.

Foundation: Use tissues to remove all traces of moisture and use a compact to set things right.

I hope these help you. What are your secrets for dressing up on a rainy day?


  1. Aptly timed, excellent excellent tips Tanveer!!!!

    I didnt know LC couold be used as a makeup remover...I have the small bottle lying arnd since LC didnt really suit me...I knw how to use it now...

    Have a gr8 monsoon!!!


  2. Ohh the lactoclamine tip is fantastic Tanveer..
    I love rains too and swear by body shop tinted blushes during this season.:)

    Great post!!!

  3. @HD: Well, LC is not a very good make up remover. It is just a good one to remove minor imperfections, like eyemake up that has melted off during the day and smudged under your eyes. Don't expect it to take off waterproof mascara off yr lashes! :D

    Thks :) U too have a safe & fun rainy season!

    @Anamika: thks :) I too love TBS tint. Such an amazing color :D

  4. Nice tips Tanveer..even I keep changing my lipstick colours cos I need some colour on a rainy day :-) Lacto Calamine here I come....

  5. G8t post as always.. I don't use anything for a base other than a moisturizer. I follow the less the better in rains :)

  6. Hi Tanveer,
    I have always read your blogs with great interest but this is for the first time that I am writing a comment.A nice post as usual.I think it is always best to adopt a minimalistic approach when it comes to make up during monsoon.A good moisturizer can serve both as a base and as an aid for dealing with any kind of monsoon dryness.Can you please suggest some good moisturizer that is available in the market(I have a relatively dry skin but which is not overwhelmingly dry) to be used during the monsoon?By the way,which is your current favourite moisturizer?You did a post on both Jovees and Aromamagic scrubs some time ago.Its obvious that you liked the Aromamagic one better. Can you please make a small comparative analysis of the two.Actually,I have bought the Jovees scrub but might go for the Aromamagic one in future so just wanted your comparative views regarding these two scrubs.Eagerly waiting for answers.

  7. Hey Tanveer, what type of clear mascara do you recommend? I've tried some before and haven't had the best luck.

  8. Ohh OC...i dont expect LC to take off waterproof mascara!!


  9. @Rads: Same here! I love the burst of color on the lips on a dull drab day. I like to see the world as a painting & me as the provider of color on a dull, grey day :) :)

    @Pooja: Thks :).. Tht is very true, the high humidity during the rains is wonderful for the skin. It makes mines very fresh & dewy!

    @RS: Thks a lot for yr comment :).. I am glad u like the blog :D..

    Some good moisturisers during the mosoon are Neutrogena Oil Free for Combination Skin,
    Khadi Moisturisers,
    Biotique Morning Nectar,
    AromaMagic Almond (I have not used this one, but read good reviews)

    If you want a moisturiser with a bit of tint you can try Ponds Tinted Moisturiser as well as Biotique (this is a lil bit on the heavier side though)

    I am currently using Khadi in the night & Ponds Tinted Moisturiser during the day & loving both :)

    I'll do a short comparative analysis between Jovees & Aromamagic for you soon :)

    Thks for taking the time out to comment :)

  10. @Mani: I don't have a clear mascara as yet, I have one from Oriflam but that is a top coat waterproof mascara that just happens to be clear. & it is quite okish.

    I know that The Body Shop retails one, so does Tips & Toes, but never tried out either.

  11. I'm dying to try the bourjois tint !!
    So many colors and a reasonable price :)
    I hope one opens near my house too *praying*

  12. Missing monsoons like anything!!! Btw great tips..they surely will come handy!

  13. Good tips T. LOL @ "no gloss girls, no gloss" :D

    Sigh, I wish monsoon would be here soon too... the heat is unbearable!


  14. @Palak: Now that you have won CZ's giveaway.. maybe that bourjois tint is not very far away :D

    @Simrans: Thks.. I am sure it will rain there too soon :)

    @CZ: The rains do seem to be taking their own sweet time.. Thks, I hope it rains soon at your place :D

  15. I think you can use the makeup range from Makeup Forever pretty decently during the rainy season. People even use it when they go swimming, but it can be a pain to get off. I am thinking of getting their concealer, but I might just get MAC instead since some of its products are waterproof as well.


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