Make Up in your Twenties

Just like clothing and fashion, makeup too should be age-appropriate. There are products that can help us enhance our best features at every age.

So kicking off this series for those of you who are in your twenties!

1. Foundation: This is the time to let your youthful skin shine through. Unless you have acne, hyperpigmentation or problem skin, you should be able to get away with sheer coverage of a tinted moisturiser.

Brands to Try
1. Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturiser
2. Biotique Tinted Moisturiser
3. MAC Tinted Moisturiser
4. Inglot

2. Concealor: This is a product that is your best friend, no matter what your age. It will instantly erase dark circles and blemishes to make you look younger and fresher

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealor
2. Revlon
3. NYX

3. Lips: When you are young, enjoy lip gloss with tons of shimmer, shine and sparkle as your lips will naturally be full of color. Sheer lipsticks, too, are great when you want to try out some intense colors like red.

1. Colorbar glossy tubes
2. Bourjois 3D effet lipgloss
3. Revlon Colorstay Lipsticks

4. Eyes: You can go all out with shimmerry, glittery eye shadows and liners, as the area around the eyes will be naturally healthy and deviod of fine lines. Keep some neutral shades for college or office time and some really colorful ones for the club.

My favourite colored eyeshadow is purple. The deep, intense aubergine purple.

It suits all eye colors (black, brown, green). You can even try a purple liner to achieve the same effect.

1. Jordana: I love their Glitterama eye pencils. They are economical at 130 Rs, available in a host of colors and all have shimmer in them, which is not OTT. I love wearing these to office, as the shimmer is perfect for day time. Only problem is that they tend to fade after 3-4 hours and need reapplication. But I still love them!
2. Colorbar: I like their eyeshadow pallette in Warm. Has some nice shades.
3. NYX Single eyeshadows: Amazing range!

5. Blush & Bronzer: Most girls in their twenties have naturally glowing skin and can do without a blush during the day. For the night, you can just go wild and experiment with shades ranging from hot pink to natural peach-pink to even mauve shades. Just remember to blend well.

Bronzer too is a good option for the day time instead of blush. When purchasing, ensure that you test the colors properly. You want to glow, not make your face look muddy.

1. NYX Cream Rouge & Powder Blushes
2. Jordana Blushes
3. Colorbar

Of course, this is a good time to set up a routine of skincare to ensure healthy skin for years to come.

Basically, you are in the flush of youth now. Make the most of it and let your natural glow shine through!

Coming up: Tips for 30s

What are your favourite makeup products for the twenties?


  1. Bourjois's concealer has very limited shades suited only for fair skin :/

    i'd recommend inglot! have you tried their foundation/tm?

  2. Tanveer, i have a query for you... I am due to attend a party this saturday and will be wearing a saree. But my eyes are very dry these days and wearing contacts is out of the question! I have to wear my specs which are similar to what Preity wore in Kal Ho Na Ho... rectangular, black fibre frame...

    What eye make up should I go for that is visible beneath the specs and yet not OTT? My saree is cream with an inky blue and red print...

  3. Wow !!!! This is an interesting but you haven't included body shop..I like there eye shadow amd lipstick range too:)

    This age is perfect to try and test..

    I wish I could stay in this age for ever with the same skin :D

  4. excellent. my style is quite similar, but instead of using gloss, i use lipsticks in all bright shades. maybe we could do a poll to see how many people like a young girl with bright lipstick? that will be quite interesting to know!

  5. Hey Tanveer! I agree with your assessment completely! I'm in my mid-twenties and I love experimenting with eye makeup and lip products but haven't found the need to get too crazy with foundations yet. Thanks for the tips :)

  6. That is so useful for every girl i tenwties.

    My current picks are is a Mabelline blush , Maybelline eyeliner, VOV mascara and Jovees lip balm.

  7. Cool information....

    Nivea has also launched their range of creamy lip balm. It comes in a teeny-weeny tube and is a thick creamy liquid.

    I picked up their Pinkish Boost shade. I think they have got 2 shades in it. The other one has a brownish tint. Moreover it has SPF-15.

    I liked it cause this tiny tube acts 3 ways- sunblock for lips, balming properties and leaves a very subtle pink hue. H&G is where i found it.

  8. hey tanveer
    have a tag for you on my blog..please go and grab it :))

  9. Hi these tips are really helpful..:) Thanks for sharing!

    Anyway, as u know i had troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now been fixed.
    Please UNfollow me then FOLLOW me again so that my posts will now be visible in ur dashboard.
    Please do the same w/ your blogroll. Thank you so much sissy! =)

  10. nice tips . Do something for teenager too :P

  11. Awesome post Tanveer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna share it with all my friends!!!!

    Really nice to see posts related to makeup and beauty but something other than product reviews!!!

    Thanks a lot!


  12. Nice tips T. I wanna be in my twenties forever :P


  13. Could you do a review on the colorbar concealer stick...??

  14. @Ki: Yea, Bourjois does have limited colors, but if you can find a match - it is very, very good quality at a good price.

    @Anks: I am so sorry for the late reply.. Suffering a bout of food poisoning & so have not been able to update the site.. For your party, I would suggest you go with neutral toned brown eyeshadow - with a hint of shimmer and pair with a dark navy blue or black liner. Use volumising mascara sparingly.

    For the lips you can go for a reddish/deep pink/berry shimmery lipgloss, if you are not comfortable with a red lipstick and pair with a very very light dusting of peachy blush. I hope this helps :)

  15. i am loving this makeup series of yours..i am super bad at make up and the tips are sure handy :)

  16. @Anamika: I am yet to try any makeup from Body Shop, hence the exclusion :)

    @Rima: I am impressed that you wear bright lipsticks, I still chicken out at the sight of them :)

    @mani, shoppingaholic: Thks :)

    @ Mitra: Yea, I have tried this Pinkish Boost, it is very moisturizing, but a little too pale for my lips, washes me out.. but thks for the info :)

    @Sovina: Thks a lot babes. I am so sorry I could not get the tag, as was unwell. Will do it soon :)

    @Lady: thks for the update. Will refollow :)

    @palak: I got my first piece of makeup (a bronze liner from Lakme) when I was 23, so I would hardly be the best person to advice on teenage makeup, as I was thoroughly deprived of it :)

    @CZ: I know what you mean, so do I :)

    @Anon: The colorbar stick concealor has been discontinued and I didn't buy it when it was available.

    @Simran: Thks :)

  17. try brights tanveer, they'll suit you very, very well!

  18. I stick with a very good skincare regimen and minimal makeup although I'm trying to go for a heavy coverage concealer soon. I use a light coverage mineral concealer almost every time I go out and at times, foundation as well. Lipstick or lip gloss are almost always on my list as well (along with a lip highlighter many times). I stick with bronze, brown, burgundy, and pink colors (at rare bold times, red). I tend to splurge more on skincare products than makeup because I believe in letting my skin breathe and showing my natural face forward no matter how flawed it might be. :-)

  19. P.S.: I forgot to mention that I use organic kohl eyeliner sometimes too. I tend to avoid it as much as I can though cuz I don't like anything irritating my eyes. I used to use a pinkish blush too, actually in my pre-teen years, lol, but it did not make it to my makeup essentials list when I entered my teens.


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