Products of May 2010

I didn't think it was possible but the heat just got worse in May.

But it finally rained (?) or more like drizzled here in Mumbai - finally on 2nd June. So it's now time for a whole new wardrobe & a whole new set of cosmetics. But before we go there, lets take a look at products that rocked my May 2010

1. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub: Damn thing even took off my whiteheads! Shweta gave me a very good tip - leave it on for 10 - 15 minutes before washing, it will pull out all your whiteheads too. & she was right. I am loving this gentle salty scrub that reminds me of my Mithibai College Lab

2. Colorbar I - Glide in Electric Blue: Finally managed to find a shade of blue that doesn't make my green eyes look pale & grey like a vampire.

3. Colorbar Irish Rose Lipstick: Still continues from last month. Colorbar's Naked Pink lipstick is catching up fast.

4. Bourjois Lash effet Mascara: The heat in the middle got too much. So I was back to just mascara & lip balm

5. Jordana Single eye shadow in Toast: A matt, neutral brown. I used this for office when I just wanted to even out my eyelid and give it a clean matt look

6. NYX cream blush in Hot Pink: I finally got this after waiting for many, many months. In the pan it is a bright giesha pink. On the cheeks a very natural dewy matt pink. No peach tones here. I like to top it off with NYX Cream Blush in Golden for some glow.

7. L'Oreal Force Vector Shampoo: My hair is loving this shampoo, it leaves it so soft and silky. My hair looks better than before and has even increased in volume. I can easily skip conditioner when I use this (which I have to do, I have very fine hair that gets weighed down very easily by conditioners and product build-up)

8. Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum: First all all it smells fab, and secondly it makes my hairstyle look so good and effortless. Hair looks better, fuller, shiner, and also retains style longer. Can't comment on the hair breakage though. It has just been a month and am still having hairfall. (Though my hair is looking thicker than before - so not sure)

That's my list for May.

Rains are here, humidity is already on all time high. Skin is feeling happy with all the moisture in the air. Hair, not so much and has begun to fall flat & limp. Skies look deary, maybe it is time to bring some color into the face and some gel liners for the eyes.

What were your top May products?


  1. Here in delhi the gorgeous weather was for two days!! I am loving it!! I want to try Aroma Magic scrub and Bourjois mascara.


  2. Found Aroma Magic products at Health and Glow..dont know if they were there before :-)

  3. oo..BK scrubs removes whiteheads too ?? I'm getting this one for sure !

  4. My favorite products of the month are

    1. Biotique lip balm
    2. Lotus brpad spectrum anti tan sunscreen gel
    3. ponds tinted moisturiser
    4. vaseline hand cream
    5. lotus moistpetals lipstick/lipgloss

    wish to try the serum.... :)

  5. I was with you until you mentioned nyx cream blush , you lost me there :( I have been waiting for nyx blushes , I ordered hot pink too, not received the package .

  6. Mine is the Bourjois ultra care mascara :)

  7. I got a blue eye liner from colorbar and I am using it every day..really liking it..

    great post as usual:)

  8. The weather here also is getting weird. Not having a hair fall as such but kind of feeling feverish way too often.

    Nice post. :)

  9. hey tanveer...please do update about the serum .i have been wanting to start using serum (my hair are so dry) but i always feel that it will result in more hairfall...if this one works that i guess i would just pick it on your reco, since you have already used it..

    And, thanks for stopping by the blog :))

  10. Enjoyed the post!
    I bought Aroma Magic Seaweed Face Pack to hydrate my super thirsty dry skin....loving it.
    I really really want to lay my hands on NYX but it isn't available in Delhi :(

  11. Really nice post!! Glad summer is over, sad that monsoon's here...can't we just skip to winter??!??!

  12. I've heard some great reviewd about L'oreal shampoos from my friends too. Guess I gotta check it out now!


  13. @Shopaholic: I hope u enjoy both prdts like I did :)

    @Rads: Really! I knew they carried biotique & lotus et al. Chalo, its good, the prdts are more widely available now :)

    @palak: I hope u like it ;)

    @Vidhya: Ponds TM is my all time fav. I just stopped using it during the summer coz of the heat & coz i got a lil tanned so the shade ain't suiting me now.. But am hoping in a few days I will get back to it. I just love the lil bugger a lot :D.. I haven't tried the other things on yr list yet.

    The organix serum is one of the rare hair serums that has suited me - most leave my fine hair weighed down :)

  14. @Sarah: Awwww... I hope this is just a temp. delay & u get yr packages soon :)

    @Ki: I was confused b/w Bourjois Lash effet & Ultra Care - finally I went for the flashy one :P

    @Anamika: Thks :) I really like the blue too.. its a nice shade of blue.

    @Rati: Happens when there is seasonal transition. Take care & i hope u feel better :)

    @Sovina: U r most welcome. I will def do a review on the serum in the coming week :)

  15. @Yuvna: Thks :) ... I haven't use the seaweed pack as yet, but am pretty sure my dry skin will love it as well.. Why don't u organise a sales trip to Mumbai, chance to lay hands on NYX :D

    @Simran: Thks :).. If there were no rains, how would i flash my new cupcake bright pink umbrella! LOL..

    @Laura: I had gone to a L'oreal store for a haircut, the lady there recommended this for my hair type.. Maybe u too could get a consulatation for your hair type :)

  16. Ooh Organix Coconut milk serum sounds good! I feel like trying it.....n of course the NYX cream blushes, which I don't have access to *sigh*


  17. @Cynthia: I actually got the Organix serum for my hubby, but have now begun to use it too! As for cream blushes - You have got Inglot, we don't.. I think they have a larger cream blush range. :D


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