Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick - Review

What it claims:
  • Innovative pigments provide immediate, high-pigment color release on lips to give rich color in just one swipe
  • Unique Elasticolor technology hugs lips with an explosion of color that feels virtually weightless
  • Contains film-forming polymers for longer wear and skin conditioning properties
  • Moisturizers and anti-oxidants, including Sweet Almond Oil, improve lip texture
  • Beautiful packaging, with premium bullet lipstick case and embossed Revlon logo on bullet

Price: Rs. 550 /- for a tube (3.7 gms)
Range: About 18 shades, some of which like Blush and Hazelnut have some shimmer. They have not launched some like Soft Nude and Lilac here (makes sense, these two would suit very few Indian women)
I have 
  • Rosy Nude - A light pink muted with brown. A very natural lip color
  • Soft Rose - Light muted dusty pink. No browns here. Said to be a dupe of NARS Dolce Vita Lipgloss (read here for comparison)
  • Blush - Shimmery light brown set off with a pink - peach tint with shimmer
  • Raspberry - Cool toned Berry Red with slight shimmer
From L to R: Blush, Grape, Soft Rose, Rosy Nude, True Red & Raspberry
1. One of the few lipsticks that did not dry out my lips. I hate the whole 'apply lipbalm-wait-wipe-apply lipstick' routine. I am in a hurry in the morning & perfer a one step process. This lipstick goes on smoothly on bare lips. The formula is very good and feels good on a lip too.

2. It does deliver a good punch of color that is very builable, but does not look heavy on the lip. It lives up to it's claim of being weightless and light on the lip. I cannot feel any texture when I rub/press my lips together during the day. It feels just like how your lips would feel without anything on them.

3. I love the color range - though it is small at 18 - it has some very pretty neutrals for daily wear as well as some bright pinks (fuchsia), reds and dark browns as well.

4. It has pretty good staying power of 3-4 hours. I noticed the darker color - Raspberry actually didn't budge even through a slice of creamy cake. Later in the evening, 3 hours later, it survived a chinese dinner to leave behind a very even but light stain on the lips. Can't compare the other colors I have as they are quite light to leave behind a stain.

5. No smell, No taste - Not to me atleast. I don't have the world's most sensitive nose. If you are, please smell before you buy.

6. Packaging: Yes, it looks very, very plush with the quilted outer, the Revlon Logo embossed lipstick, plus the tube shuts with a snap click - tight, this will not open in your purse. The tube has a color swatch on the lid, this does match the color of the lipstick inside quite accurately making it easy to figure out what color you are grabbing for.
1. The price at 550 is a little steep

2. The actual lipstick is very soft, I don't think this would do very well in summers if taken outside in a purse - it may melt!
Will I buy this again: Yes! I already have! On my first purchase I got Rosy Nude & Raspberry. I fell in love with these two & then got Blush & Soft Rose.
It is a little steep at Rs. 550/- but the formula is so amazingly moisturising and weightless, the color it delivers is so rich but yet sheer at the same time. It looks sophisticated, and I love the rose color range. It's soft and bright yet not in your face. I have pigmented lips that are quite pink, and interfere in most sheer lip colors appear very different, sometimes weird, on my lips because of this. Matt lipsticks offer better coverage and so I tend to opt for this. This is one of the first sheer, creamy lip colors that works so well around the natural pigement of my lips.


  1. have not put in any negatives really for this product!! Know what stayed with me from this entire review though??? You ate a creamy cake slice....sigh..

  2. @Rads: That must tell you how much I love them. they are the most expensive lipsticks i have bought till date and I just adore the colors and the formula. They are working very well for me!

    As for the creamy cake - it was a very del. white chocolate cake - White Forest :D

  3. Hi tanveer! I checked these out on sunday. loked super glam, both the colors and the packaging! but couldnt decide upon a color (was too confused). Which one of these is a natural nude and will suit me. I've a wheatish complexion.

  4. @Anon: Hazelnut is a good option if you are looking for a natural brown. It is light beige natural nude with a bit of shimmer.

    Rosy Nude is light pink with brown undertones and I feel will suit most Indian complexions

    Lastly Blush too is a nice peachy brown shade which can pass off as natural nude. It has some shimmer.

    So take your pick - depending upon whether you would like Brown, pink or peach undertones to your natural lip.

  5. I have to say - hands down the best lipstick packaging I have seen! Not to mention the lipstick has been on my mind ever since I have seen it, thank God we are having such launches in India!!!!

  6. @Simran: The Rosy Nude one looked very nice on you Sims! I think you shd get that one - it is almost the same color as your lips - a very good nude for you :D

  7. oh no, these don't melt. not even at 48 degrees here. :P Love these lippies myself. :)

    Loved the review. :)

    I have a peach shade swatch on my blog. If you ant you may add the link. :)

  8. Thanks so much for the linkback! I'm so glad that you like these lipsticks! Yay! :)

  9. I bought Rosy Nude and Peach last week and absolutely love them!! Really nice lipsticks :)

  10. thanks for the review..though i dont use lipstick much but i guess i would pick the nude pink shade:)

  11. great great review . even I want to try it so badly .. specially that Fuchsia shade CZ blogged abt .. just saving some monies for them :D

  12. @Rati: Really! That's gr8 :).. I saw one tester at the store that looked like it has melted. It was smeared all over the tube and mis-shapened so I thght maybe this doesn't stand up. But good to know that it does. Thks for the link. I will put it up :)

    @Recessionista: Frankly, the pleasure is all mines. I love reading your blog, and totally believe in the same philosphy as you when it comes to spending on make-up. Although a lot of the products you mention don't retail here, some of them do. I got Soft Rose after reading your review and am loving it :D

  13. @Mani: Me too in love with these now :)

    @Sovina: I am a gloss girl myself through & through. I have just begun to use lipsticks and these babies have floored me. Let me know if you like these as well :)

    @Palak: Thks a lot babes :)... I am now saving myself to pick a red from this range :)

  14. Oh now ur tempting me to get more of these! :P
    Great review T...the packaging is gorgeous, nah!


  15. @Cynthia: Yr post is tempting me to grab Red Hot. I so need a red lipstick. Don't have any & this just seems so perfect! :P

    I love the packaging! It is so plush plush :)

  16. I've never tried Revlon Lipsticks but this post surely tempts me to do so:)
    I guess will try Soft Rose of the 4 u have mentioned.

  17. I wanna get raspberry now! :D

    got soft rose :)


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