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Buying makeup & skincare products can be very difficult at times especially when you are new to the entire scene. Sometimes we are stuck with products that are such total duds, we totally regret purchasing them.

Sometimes the product itself overpromises and underdelivers, sometimes we get taken in by the words of the SA and end up buying products that are 'Oh-So-Wrong' for our skin.

Below are some of the products that I bought during my initial trysts with makeup, that always make me go - "What was I thinking?"

1. Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation: This was one of the first foundations I got, used it barely twice. While it offers good coverage, this is just not meant for dry skin. It just amplified every bit of dry flaky skin, and was very difficult to blend despite the whipped formulation. Looked very fake, and very chalky. I am not sure the product was at fault here - I just picked the wrong formula for my skin.

I now am using this as a spot concealor to finish it off. 

Lesson learnt: Pick foundation as per your skin type. If you have dry skin - avoid matt, mousse type foundations no matter how much the SA insists that you will be able to carry it off with moisturiser.

2. Revlon Luxurious Khol Liner in Blue: God, did this thing smudge and smudge! No amount of setting with eyeshadow powder would make it stay in line. Total lack of discipline. It just went all over and under my eyes. Using it with a base seems to make it stay in place, if only for a while. I think this had more to do with my oily eyelids.

Lesson learnt: Don't get Khol liners if you have oily eyelids. And if you have to - use a primer!

3. Nivea Cream in Blue Tin: Reacted very badly on my skin. Suffered from dry, flaky skin for days on end.

Lesson learnt: Not everything vintage will work for you. Read the ingredient list. Carefully.

4. Streetwear Mascara: If you like your eyeshadows clumped and stuck together - this will be your HG.

Lesson learnt: Take a good look at the mascara brush. It makes or breaks the mascara effect

5. Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Mocha: The color is fab, only the lipstick doesn't last any longer than a regular lipstick on me, plus it totally dried my lips out

Lesson learnt: Stick to creamy lipsticks. Layer them over matching lipliner, will help increasing staying power and also prevent dryness

6. The Body Shop Body Butter in Japanese Cherry Blossom: This is cult favourite, unfortuantely it didn't work for my skin at all. Maybe I picked the wrong type of product for my skin type. I have dry body skin, and this is meant for normal skin. But it smells really fab.

Lesson learnt: Know your skin type, and research your products before you get them. Don't get seduced by the way a product smells. Unless it is a perfume.

So what are your worst make-up buys?


  1. Hey Tanz,

    I have picked so many wrong foundation that i can do my thesis on it..I have been buying foundation since five years and now i feel brands do it purposely so we try more products..lolz..

    but now i am eye on revlon phot ready foundation.lets c how it turns out

  2. The blue tin Nivea didn't suit you??? Its my fav product. I think, though, the problem with Nivea is its a little difficult to spread, and so I end up using less then I would require because I am just plain lazy to sit and rub it into my skin. And it really needs to be massaged into the skin. Japanese Cherry Blossom..oh well unless its meant for dry skin, I won't buy it either. It smells realllly good though :-)

  3. @Anamika: Why don't you do a post on yr foundation experinences and adventures? :)

    @Rads: I think I was allergic to something in the Nivea cream, hence the terrible reaction. :P

    JCB was my first BB - back then I didn't know they had different BBs for skin types. I thought they were all the same and just differed in their smell. Now I know that I need to get coconut the next time I go there :)

  4. I tried the Mango butter..for dry skin..loving it. Am eyeing Moringa one. Didnt like the smell of the olive one..thats also for dry skin na? What about the shea butter bb..any good?

  5. I regret buying the Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation. I have an oily combination skin and every time I applied this i looked like a clown dressed for circus. Its is the worst foundation on can ever lay hands on :(

  6. Nivea cream in blue tin is so sticky... it was my parents fav and we had to use it the whole winter... Ugh!!

  7. I picked up a light pink lipstick from colorbar...couldnt try on my lips so it turned out to be a disaster...the shade doesnt suit me at all...makes me look all pale!! so now I use it to soften some other lipsticks or create some new color alongwith some other lipsticks ;)


  8. @Rads: I am a complete novice when it comes to Body Butters, simply because before I could get more into the range, I got de-railed by St Ives Body Lotion - they had it in my fav scent - Vanilla as well as Oatmeal & Sheabutter. Besides it was way, way cheaper than the BB. So I have no idea if TBS Shea butter is any good :P

    @Pooja: Ohhh! So Maybelline Dream Mousse is actually a sucky foundation by itself.. I thought i picked the wrong product for my skin type. It just looks horrible on me, it won't sink it and just sits on my face like a mask clinging to all dry spots :P

    @Shoppingaholic: Uuggh! Poor you, after that horrible reaction, I have not used any Nivea creams till date.

    @HD: I too have lipsticks that totally wash me out - I can't carry off orangy corals & browns too just look funny on me.

  9. hey ..how are you doing..i like this list of yours so much..i mean it is very important to tell your readers the products they should stay away from..a great post and i will keep these products in mind :)


  10. I hated Maybelline Mousse foundation too! It got very cakey on me. Haven't tried most of the others, but Nivea in blue tin works great on me in winters...chapped lips n nose...n I love BS JCB body butter:D



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