Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash - Review

What it claims: It penetrates deep into the pores to help eliminate most acne, blemishes and keep the pores clog free and stabilizes oil secretion. It reduces pigmentation and tightens the skin pores. It does not alter the skins natural moisture balance.

Ingredients: Extracts of Orange Peel, Grape Fruit, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Glycerin & pure essential oils of Lemon Verbena & Palmarosa.

Directions: Pour a little quantity onto palm and rub onto face to lather . Massage gently, rinse off.

Price: Rs. 95 for 120 ml tube

Where: New Beauty Centre (Khar) & most local stores

1. This green colored face wash is one of the most refreshing smelling products I have used in a long time. It has a very citrusy smell that totally knocks the sleep outta my peepers in the morning. Instantly refreshing.

2. It does tighten pores to some extent. Not sure about the pigmentation lightening though. Yet to see any change. But it does its job of a cleanser pretty well enough.

1. This claims to be suitable for all skin types, but I find this a little drying for my skin. It feels a little taut soon after, and I *have* to apply a moisturiser after this.

Will I re-purchase: Not likely. While it smells really, really good to me, I don't like the drying bit. It almost makes it mandatory for me to use a moisturiser even right now during the rains. This is probably the only season when I am able to easily skip a moisturiser, and this face wash ain't helping.

I plan to go back to my Neutrogena Deep Pore Gentle Cleanser and use this as a body wash.


  1. I have never tried anything from AromaMagic..this might suit in the summer months when I would love the drying effect :-)

  2. i have a positive feeling it will suit me :)

  3. @Rads: Yea, I guess it will be good for all you oily skinned babes :)

    @Retnu: Actually I wrote this review, after reading your earlier comment. I have been using this face wash for quite some time now. I think it will suit your oily skin :)

  4. I second Rentu...i think this is going to suit me because my skin still remains oily these months..

  5. @Anamika: Cool, let me know if you like it :)

    Btw, first of all thks for the absolutely lovely mention in the post. I read it first thing today morning & it made my day! :D :D.. Thks a lot sweetheart, I love reading your blog, and in fact wanted to tell u that I am gonna try out that corn cob recipie this weekend :D

    Secondly I still can't see the comment box, is it just me?

  6. Very nice review :)
    umm .. I think Rati also uses this and she has dry skin .. I presumed that you may also like it sice its her favorite :D
    But after reading this review .. I think I should give it a try :)

  7. Hmm..have never tried aroma using neutrogena deep cleanser and scrub as of now..

  8. this sounds good for oily summers..however this days even my lakmes strawberry wash feels drying nd my cheeks get itchy..
    any idea abt neutrogena anti-acne moisturiser..i have combi skin with dry cheeks n have got this little bumps..which arent seen but wen i touch my cheeks feels as if i have a breakout.:(

  9. @Palak: Thanks Palak..

    The performance of a product, accordinging to me, varies on a number of factors, one of which is skin type. For example, I have seen my cousins in North swear by Body butters for their dry skin. But the very same body butter in Mumbai, due to the high humidity, refuses to sink in and greases up the body.

    @Mehak: Same here, I too have gone back to my Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser

    @Punky:I can't say about the anti - acne moisturiser as I havn't used it. I don't get acne.

    As for the bumps, best to check with a dermatologist. It is difficult to say what they could be by just the description you provide.

  10. Hi Tanveer,

    I stumbled on ur blog a couple of weeks back when i was googling to find a kajal/kohl liner that does not bleed... Your reviews are nice. I am still catching up on all the blogs that you have written. I just wanted to tell my experience with this face wash... I have extreeeeeeeeemely oily skin... and this face wash did not suit me even one bit... As you said i got it just for the smell... and thats where my liking for this ends... It did not make my skin smooth... And i dint feel like my skin was clean after using this.. Probably cos it does not lather much... And when i was in a hurry one day a little bit got on to the tip of my tongue and it took me quite sometime to get the bitter taste off :-))

    Btw i want your help/advice on the best kajal/kohl pencil that DOES NOT BLEED (Sorry about the caps... It just shows how frustrated I am with all the kajal pencils...) I have tried all variants available in the following brands: Eyetex, Shringar, Maybelline, Elle 18, Revlon, Biotique, Lotus, Himalaya, Shenaz Hussain, Street wear (and forgot a few more brands). Not one of them stays on my eyes... in just 2 to 3 hours it looks like i have been hit by someone and its just black all below my waterline... So can you pls help. I have tried all variants of Lakme too.. I just have that one kajal to try (the one that you have reviewed)... But the amount i have wasted on kajals... I dont even have a count...


  11. Hi,i am wendy.i am using "Rose foaming face wash is a gently removes ithe mpurities & treats the skin leaving it soft & clean. The essential oil in it add natural radiance to the face".bu the way pour posting is nice.


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