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Mehak from Peaches & Blush Blog tagged me on this. She is another blush addict and has a very fun blog. Do take time out to read it.

1. Whats your favourite makeup look?

Deep brown eyeliner with a pink lip gloss. I sometimes skip blush as my skin tends to look a little pink on its own.

2. Do you have a beauty vice?

Too many products. I just have too many makeup products, and yeh dil maange even more. That would be my vice.

3. What part of your body do you love?

My Hands, I guess, because I love beautifying them with nail paints & different wrist jewellery

4. Who is your beauty icon?

Kate Winslet for looking so fresh in her makeup, as well as Katrina Kaif. They both have great make up artists, who I am itching to get a makeover from :-P

5. What beauty product makes you feel instantly good?

Surprising I can't think of any. I would have to music here, because I am a bigger music addict than makeup. Listening to a peppy number instantly perks my mood.

6. How do you look after your skin?

I have simplified my routine a lot in the last few months. Now I just wash my face in the morning & use a light moisturizer. In the evening I cleanse to remove makeup, wash my face and again just moisturize. Once in a month I do a face pack (plain yogurt) at home.

7. What is your signature scent?

Weekend by Burberry & Tahitian Vanilla by Victoria's Secret

8. What is your hair care secret?

I don't have a secret. My hair has a secret. It is as if the hairs on my head have a life of their own, behaving perfectly sensibly all day, then waiting till I drop off to sleep and starting to run and jump about childishly, saying, 'Now what shall we do?' (I am wondering if anyone will be able to guess what book this quote is from, it is one of my all time favorite reads)

So every morning I wake with a head of hair that looks more like a lion's mane. If you have any secrets on how to tame such hair, please share.

9. How do you pamper yourself?

By shopping for myself :-P

10. What is your beauty pet peeve?

When women use white talcum powder as foundation for the face, or when women get stuck in makeup rut for years and use the same lipstick / liner for like years on end.

11. What would your desert island must haves be?

A laptop with data card, plug point and a credit card. I would then go shopping online and get a motor boat to get back. And also a Mojito to chill with while the boat arrives.
12. Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

Hmmm... Every woman is beautiful in her own way, beauty inside reflects on the outside and finally, have fun with makeup, if you go wrong you can always wipe it off and begin again.

I tag everyone to do this tag :-)


  1. loved the lion mane part, funny, good read

  2. the island part is funny and so sensible!
    fun to read.

  3. hey thanks a ton for the mention..this was a good read !!..hahaha the desert island part was funny,..

  4. Lovely tag to read!!!


  5. Hehe...credit card on an island...hmm...I might just consider that for myself too :D



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